I’m Pretty Sure the Daily Tar Heel Made a Big Mistake

For the next several weeks, I an going to write content intended for the sports section of the Daily Tar Heel, a student-run newspaper at UNC. I chose this assignment partly in order to blog a football game this season, because I am lazy.

(Note: What I’ll be writing won’t actually be published in the Daily Tar Heel, it will simply be written as thought that were the intention. I say so that when I run for President in 2032, some TV investigation won’t use this as an example of me lying about myself. Those *&^#@*^#$!s.)

  • The Daily Tar Heel is UNC’s daily student-run newspaper, printed only wehn school is in session. The paper catalouges mostly university and local events. Every day at least one page is dedicated to Tar Heel Sports, and two pages including the back page on Monday. Special sporting events such as UNC vs. Duke, a football upset, the ACC and NCAA tournament, and UNC’s trip to the 2006 College World Series are often front page news, allowing sports to occupy even more newspaper space.
  • The Audience of the Daily Tar Heel is comprised of UNC students, alumni, faculty and staff, with a small portion of Chapel Hill, NC residents unaffiliated with the university. Content of the sports pages thus caters to the very UNC -centric and is heavily subjective in favor of the Tar Heels. Even when the sports pages digress, they often discuss related issues such as the Atlantic Coast Conference, with which UNC is affiliated, and our hated rival Duke (often spelled ‘dook’ in Chapel Hill). TarHeelBlue.com has a similar demographic and a larger audience. I considered writing for that site but decided against it because if I were to write for a website run by UNC’s athletic department, I could not be as critical of what I don’t like (i.e. Dick Baddour and John Bunting) as I could at the Daily Tar Heel.
  • My “Stance” is that of a crazed, die-hard Tar heel fan: optomistic and cynical, sane and insane at the same time. I couldn’t show this attitude in writing for TarHeelBlue.com, but I can at the Daily Tar Heel, because they have a weekly sports opinion column.
  • The Style I will use for these assignments is a “house style guide”, a combination of Strunk’s Elements of Style (for English grammar) and Lynch and Horton’s Web Style Guide 2 (formatting pieces for the Web).
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One Response to “I’m Pretty Sure the Daily Tar Heel Made a Big Mistake”

  1. bc Says:

    lazy, huh? that’s what i like to hear …

    to be clear, from your “stance” section, you are going to write a column or series of columns, correct?

    elements of style is not, despite its name, a style. and web style guide 2, as you note, is for formatting and publishing; it has little to do with the text. if you’re going to develop a “house style guide,” i’d like to see some of your entries as we move forward.

    a word about audience: given the DTH designation, you should write for students first. the other audiences you list are clearly secondary. and because this will be online, think online. don’t think text dump. so plan even now for posts that lend themselves to links, multimedia (audio of a bunting interview, etc.).

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