Preview: A Big Day in Tar Heel Mania (UNC vs. Kentucky, and ACC Championship)

Today I will try to cover two games that will overlap: UNC vs. Kentucky (basketball, tip-off 12:00 pm) and the ACC Championship Game between Wake Forest vs. Georgia Tech (football, kickoff 1:00 pm). It may be hard trying to juggle the two games for about an hour, but if I didn’t have challenges, live blogging wouldn’t be any fun.

While Kentucky is a formidable opponent, the Wildcats don’t have as much talent as Ohio State. In particular, they have struggled on offense this year, averaging 71.8 pointa per game. If the Wildcats are going to win, they will likely do so from behind the arc. While it isn’t Kentucky’s strongsuit, it’s UNC’s greatest defensive weakness, and the Heels are last in the ACC in 3-point defense, allowing opponents an insane 41.1% from downtown. Throughout their games, Sacred Heart, Winthrop, Gonzaga and Ohio State were hitting threes like they were going out of style. Combine this with an NBA-caliber talent in Randolph Morris going up against Hansbough and we’ve got a game on our hands, folks. That is, of course, until you factor in the crowd. If the UNC fans are as loud as we were against the Buckeyes, Kentucky stands no chance.

Meanwhile in football, if you predicted the Wake Forest-Maryland game last week would decide the ACC Atlantic Division, you’re lying. Honestly, who could have predicted that we would get Wake Forest vs. Georgia Tech today in Jacksonville to decide who goes to the Orange Bowl? Jim Grobe has to be coach of the year for leading the Deacons to a 10-2 record without their starting quarterback or starting running back. Their strength is the defense, allowing only 15 points per game and become the first team in 32 years to shut out Florida State in Tallahassee. They will go up against a Georgia Tech team that ran away with the weak ACC Coastal division. Calvin Johnson is the best athlete in the entire conference, and Reggie Ball will need to get the ball to him to win this game. The Yellow Jackets have a great defense in their own right, led by defensive coordinator and former Tar Heel Jon Tenuta and known for its blitzing and aggresive style of play. This game will most likely come down to which defense plays better, and whether the Deacons can keep Calvin Johnson out of the end zone.

One Response to “Preview: A Big Day in Tar Heel Mania (UNC vs. Kentucky, and ACC Championship)”

  1. Gerry Says:

    I was at the Canes/Bruins game last night, and finally got around to checking the WF-GaTech score on my cellphone. When it started the scroll “Wake Forest 9”, I remarked to my son “Wake Forest lost, no one wins with 9 points”, then the rest of the score appears, a big 6 for the Jackets. Great to see WF go to the Orange Bowl.

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