Live Diary: UNC vs. UNC Asheville

It looks like the Tar Heels are going to dominate this game. I know that UNC Asheville has the tallest player in the NCAA and not much else. I really wish I knew more about them, but I don’t.

2:15 pm: 8-7, UNC. Shockingly, UNCA is in this early.

2:18 pm: 16-7, UNC. The Tar Heels are playing very well on the perimeter. Considering their dominating inside presence, I did not expect this.

2:21 pm: In comes Kenny George, the 7-7 tall guy for UNCA. Hansbrough and Wright immediately proceed to run around him for baskets. 19-8 UNC.

2:23 pm: (fake Italian accent and techno music) Do you know the code?…Ze ultimate code of seduction?…The Armani code…the code that smells like goat pee…apparently chicks dig goat pee.

2:25 pm: 25-8, UNC. The Tar Heels are dominating this game (Wright in particular), and this is while Wes is playing point!

2:27 pm: 27-11, UNC Three things confuse me:

  • UNCA is a patsy opponent.
  • Final exams just ended; most UNC student are heading home.
  • Kentucky was a much bigger game, in a much more student-friendly time of the semester.
  • In spite of all this, the fans seem to be more into this game than the Kentucky game.

Someone please explain this to me.

2:35 pm: Ty Lawson is really looking good in the first half. UNCA has no answer for the Tar Heels speed.

2:38 pm: UNC has installed brand new seats into the lower level. The new seats are very comfortable in the small amount of time I don’t stand up and scream my lungs out.

2:41 pm: 45-26, UNC. I had to go on bathroom break. Tyler is dominating the game, but for the first time in a while, he doesn’t have to.

2:46 pm: So far the game has been fairly uneventful. UNC has dictated the pace of the game, but thee hasn’t been much else.
2:48 pm: Holy s—! Kenny George dunked without even having to jump! He may be tall, but he’s also very slow. by the time he got back on defense we already took two shots. 53-37, UNC.

2:52 pm: 56-39, UNC. Danny Green hits a three at the buzzer. Considering the 17-point lead, I should be much happier, but I think there was a lot of room to play better.

3:10 pm: UNC is really looking good out of the halftime recess. Rayshawn Terry now leads all heels with 13 points. The Heels now lead 61-39.

I must admit that covering this game was not as exciting as I had anticipated. So to make it more interesting for you, the reader, here is a special announcement: Beware of vegetarians!

3:15 pm: You haven’t had a true Thanksgiving dinner until you’re still eating it three weeks later. Mmmmm…fried turkey.

3:20 pm: 69-43, UNC. The bulldogs simply cannot keep up with UNC’s speed and depth. We are literally running laps around them.

3:25 pm: Tell me again why the Dean Dome crowd was quieter in the Kentucky game than in this one. 70-47, UNC.

3:28 pm: We’re 23 points up, and yet Roy Williams is really, really pissed off. I can understand why; the scoreboard veils the bad play of the Heels at this moment.

3:30 pm: WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOOO! (guitar riff) I haven’t seen him in action in a while. Tyler follows that with a huge dunk. 74-49, UNC.

3:37 pm: 76-51, UNC. Has anyone else noticed that Ginyard is going to go bald?

3:38 pm: 78-54, UNC. TAR! HEELS! TAR! HEELS! TAR! HEELS! TAR! HEELS! TAR!…..

3:42 pm: I’m really disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of that really big guy in this game. I want to see more jump-less dunks. We may even see Ty Lawson running between his legs and getting a layup while sent off balance by the big guy’s hand in his face. THat would be the highlight of the year.

3:48 pm: Tyler hits a tough shot, and the foul, to make it 86-56. Send in the second team!

3:50 pm: We’ve now had two whole weeks without college football. I miss it already.

3:53 pm: Off topic: I am a huge Red Sox fan, so a few thoughts on my beloved Sox:

  • The good news: We signed Daisuke Matsuzaka, perhaps the most exciting Japanese pitcher ever.
  • The bad news: We essentially paid $200 million dollars for three players whom we honestly don’t know how they’ll perform at Fenway. I am really scared. Theo needs to get his head examined. He’s gone fro genius to idiot literally in 18 months.
  • There’s been a lot of debate as to the nickname we should give Matsuzaka, because let’s face it, “Daisuke Matsuzaka” is as hard to pronounce as “Luc Richard Mbah a Moute”. Some people call him D-Mat, Dice-K, and the Dice Man. My Nickname: Mothra. Why? He is the counterbalance to New York’s Godzilla (Japanese slugger Hideki Matsui).

4:02 pm: The game goes final: UNC 93, UNCA 62. Considering how tough it is to get up for a game like this, UNC played fairly well, but they have to play better if they want to do well in the tough ACC schedule.