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Tonight UNC comes back to Chapel Hill after two tough road ACC games, during which they got a wake-up call from Virginia Tech and proceeded to deliver a b—-slapping to the Clemson Tigers. That was a game where UNC intended to make a statement, that the loss to the Hokies was a fluke. That’s why they couldn’t just beat the Tigers, they had to humiliate them. But let’s not dwell in the past.

Today College Gameday was at the Dean Dome. You better believe I was there. I spent the previous night making a great sign for the whole nation to see. I worked until 1 am to make it, and I got up early to put the finishing touches on the sign and get in line before the doors opened at 9 am. Imagine the buzzkill when ESPN confiscated my sign not to be seen. Other than that I had a great time. I’ll write another article about my experience at College Gameday.

Georgia Tech biggest strength is our biggest weakness: perimeter shooting. The Jakets lead the ACC in 3-point FG percentage, whereas our struggles with the trifecta is well documented. Georgia Tech is led by Freshman 6-5 point guard Javares Crittenton. This creates a huge size mismatch against Ty Lawson. We may see more Q Hooray!

9:04 pm: I read a report that one of Tyler Hansbrough’s weaknesses was that he wasn’t comfortable facing the basket. His first offensive touch showed just that. Thaddeus young gets the first basket for GT.

9:06 pm: UNC gets two quick baskets, a Wright tip-in and an Elllington layup off a steal. 4-2, UNC.

9:07 pm: Both teams are playing aggressively on both sides of the ball, but UNc is crashing the boards better.

9:08 pm: 7-2, UNC. Terry hits a three from the top of the key. I did not expect him to just take a shot like that without a screen.

9:09 pm: 9-2, UNC. Lawson feeds a dunk to Hansbrough in transition. It was awesome.

The crowd is simply awesome tonight. Based on their decibel level, it’s pretty intimidating in there.

Bizarre ad alert (from before the game): Pepto Max.

9:10 pm: Tyler takes a pass and runs halfway across the court by himself for another dunk. YYYYEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Jeremis Smith of the Jackets counters with a circus shot, but UNC leads 11-4.

9:16 pm: The Heels put Q, Stepheson and Deon in the game. Dickey (GT) and Terry (UNC) each hit shots to make it 13-6.

9:17 pm: Thaddeus Young hits a good shot in the paint. Isn’t Terry supposed to cover him? Terry is fouled and misses both his free throws. Did he have Brendan Wright as a FT partner this week?

Ginyard is in for Wayne.

9:19 pm: Q runs the ball well in transition, and makes a great assist to Deon. Tech counters with a three. 15-11, UNC.

9:20 pm: 18-13, UNC. GT hits another shot, but Terry hits another three. He now has 10 points in ten minutes, about as many points as he had the previous three games.

9:22 pm: 18-16, UNC. Morrow hits another three for the Jackets. UNC hits a three ten seconds later, but Ginyard’s illegal screen negates it.

9:24 pm: Even when UNC turns it over they redeem themselves breaking up the play. Ginyard chases down the ball, takes it out of bounds, blocks the shot, and gets the layup at the other end. 20-16, UNC.

9:27 pm: YES! YESSSS! 6-7 Thaddeus Young just got blocked by 6-2 Quentin Thomas. I love it!

9:28 pm: 22-16, UNC. Danny Green gets a basket off an offensive rebound.

9:29 pm: Q is really playing well in this game. While not scoring, he makes good decisions in passing and on defense.

I noticed that UNC is having each lineup run their a—- off and switch them up when they tire out. They do this all the time, but tonight more so tha usual.

9:33 pm: Tech gets a quick basket in transition to make it 24-20, but Wes hits a three from NBA range! WHOOOOO!!!

9:34 pm: You know what? I haven’t heard much from Crittenton today…just as I say that, Lawson (in for Q) hits a three at the top of the key to make it 30-20, UNC. The Jacket’s momentum was stopped in a hurry.

9:37 pm: Brendan Wright is blocked on a DUNK! What’s worse is that it was a foul and Wright is being sent to the free throw line. That’s like hiring Stevie Wonder as a sniper. If he hits his target, it’s frickin’ amazing.

I know I’ve using this space to make fun of Brendan’s plight at the charity stripe, but for me to stop commenting on it, he has to hit the gimmes.

9:40 pm: Just as I say that, Brendan Wright’s first shot is nothing but net. I get my hopes up, but then he misses the second.


9:42 pm: What shocks me is that UNC left a Jacket guard wide open for three. What shocks me even more is that the same guard chose not to take the shot, even though he had two seconds, which is an eternity in basketball.

9:44 pm: That same guard took a shot with a guy in his face. He must be smoking something, that the only reasonable explanation for his shot selection. Not that I’m complaining about an opposing player making bad decisions. I’m just pointing it out.

9:45 pm: Georgia Tech’s offense tonight is characterized by missed opportunities. Even when they do something right, they follow it with a mistake. Q is back in the game.

9:47 pm: Nice save by Q. He sees the ball going out of bounds, he jumps, turns around in mid-air, and finds a teammate to pass it to. The game remains 34-23, UNC. Halftime draws near.

9:51 pm: Halftime hits, UNC leading 34-23. I have to say the game was pretty sloppy. the two have combined for 25 turnovers in the first half. UNC needs to control the ball better. to keep from allowing Georgia Tech back in this game.

10:01 pm: We should be up more. Crittenton had 5 turnovers and no assists. When your starting point guard has a assist to turnover ratio of negative infinity, you should be blown out. But Carolina’s turnovers has allowed the Jackets to stay in this game. If we exercise ball control Tech has no chance in the second half.

10:07 pm: Neither team has hit a shot in the last four minutes. Crittenton allows the shot clock to run out for his 6th TO.

10:09 pm: Tyler gets a dunk to make it 36-23, UNC. Is it me, or is Ty Lawson so smooth that he double dribbles without anyone noticing?

10:13 pm: Tech finally gets a field goal but Wright dunks wothout anyone around him! How do they leave him alone??? 38-25, UNC.

10:14 pm: The two teams exchange baskets. After Lawson fouls, Q is put back in tha game. Roy is not afriad to pull a player when he sees something he doesn’t like.

10:16 pm: UNC is really passing the ball well. Q gets in a bad spot, but finds help, and four passes later, Psycho T gets another dunk. Ga. Tech is really leting UNC drive the lane.

10:17 pm: 44-32, UNC. Wright gets another easy bucket in the paint, but the Yellow Jackets hit a three.

10:19 pm: ESPN is going to interview Terry Francona, Red Sox Manager, who is at the Dean Dome. How surreal is it when your favorite college team and your favorite pro team collide? Very.

10:20 pm: 46-32, UNC. I found out that Francona’s first daughter is at Carolina, and his second daughter is considering UNC. What’s even more surreal is that his daughter is not bad looking. So, are you doing anything tonight?

See, that’s the problem with a live blog. Whatever you’re thinking just gets blurted out there, and I want to delete but I choose to keep it because I find it funny. My mind has never truly been the same since I delved into this whole blog thing.

10:24 pm: The jackets hit another three, and UNC gets another easy basket in the paint. That’s basically the story of the second half.

10:25 pm: 50-36, UNC. Hansbrough is fouled intentionally. The good news is we’re getting the ball back. The even better news is they fould Tyler and not Brendan. Hallelujah!

10:27 pm: The game is still somewhat sloppy on both sides, but UNC is till playing better. Hansbrough hits a jumper to make it 52-36.

10:28 pm: Wright can pass, too. He just made a great pass to Ginyard, who made a relatively easy shot.

10:30 pm: 54-38, UNC. Ginyard is all over the court tonight . I love his hustle.

10:34 pm: 56-38, UNC: Do my eyes deceive me, or did Brendan Wright hit both of his free throws? Must be my imagination.

10:35 pm: OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!! Q just made a HUGE no look pass to Wright for an easy dunk. I’m telling you, he deserves PT, and I think he’s getting it tonight. 58-42, UNC.

10:40 pm: Okay, at this point the game has become a dunk party for the Heels. Terry puts it in for what, the 11th dunk of the game? SportsCenter can run its top 10 plays only with this game. 60-44, UNC.

10:43 pm: Who killed Javares Crittenton and put an alien in his body? UNC may be playing good defense, but good lord.

10:45 pm: 65-44, UNC. Have I told you how happy I am that Tyler’s the one drawing fouls and not Brendan. Terry gets another dunk to make it 67-44.

10:48 pm: I think Crittenton just hit his first or second shot. Just as I say that, Danny Green hits a thre to make it 71-46, UNC.

10:51 pm: Thaddeus Young is playing well now, but it’s too little too late. Then again, we must not forget the Virginia Tech game. Still, I doubt that the Jackets can come back under any circumstance. 73-53, UNC, less than 4 minutes left.

10:55 pm: WTF? NOW Tech is playing out of their minds!

10:59 pm: It’s garbage time at this point, this game has been decided. Bring in Surry Wood, Dewey Burke, Wes Miller and Michael Copeland! YEEAHHHHH!!!! 77-57, UNC.

11:02 pm: The game goes final: Heels 77, Georgia Tech 61.

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