UNC vs. Wake: Annihilation Would be an Understatement

Tonight UNC goes to Winston-Salem to play Wake Forest. Once a formidable foe, as recent as two years ago the Deacons were the 2005 ACC regular season champions. They simply have not been the same since the departure of Chris Paul to the NBA, even though they returned many of their players int o 2006, and have a big-time NBA prospect now in center Kyle Visser (below). At this point the Deacs are composed of Kyle Visser and not much else. Their future is bright, as 14 of their 16 players are underclassmen (which, come to think of it, is eerily like the Heels); however, they have not developed in the way that the Heels have. Who knows? If they can get good play out their bench, force turnovers and keep the crowd in it, they could keep it close. But I doubt it.


7:04 pm: Starting lineup: As usual, Tyler, Brendan, Rayshawn, Wayne, and Ty.

7:05 pm: Terry starts the scoring, but Wake gets two quick shots, including a three from Michael Drum. 5-2, Wake.

7:06 pm: Hansbrough gets a tough bucket in the paint, but Wake outruns the Heels to the other side of the courts and gets a basket of their own (this time, LD Williams). 7-4, Wake.

7:07 pm: Danny Green is in quickly, and he hits a three. It’s now tied, 7-7.

7:08 pm: Thompson is in early. Lawson misses an open three. It looked good on the release, but it missed badly.

7:09 pm: WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOOOOO! (guitar riff) Ellington hits a jumpshot from the free throw line. 9-7, UNC.

7:10 pm: This is from earlier today, but it’s still a bizarre ad: stay sharp with Mountain Dew Claymation.

7:11 pm: This is really bizarre: not only do the Wake fans wear tye-dye T-shirts in the stands, Wake cheerleader outfits are tye-dye as well. That’s really weird.

Q is in the game.

7:12 pm: Q almost throws it away, but he gets the ball back. Ultimately nothing becomes of it, it it looked like it could have been disastrous.

Wake has four turnovers in five minutes.

7:14 pm: Brendan Wright dunks off a sweet backdoor pass.

7:15 pm: Wake hits a three from NBA range, but Tyler gets an easy basket on the other end.

7:16 pm: Q plays really good defense and forces another Wake turnover. Wright hits another easy shot on the other end. Wake needs to close the paint, and fast. Where is Visser?

7:18 pm: Wake hits another NBA three to make it 15-14, UNC. Wake is shooting the ball well. UNC seems to be playing OK defense; I don’t know if our defense is playing its “B” game or if the Deacs are are just hitting their shots and ther’s nothing the Heels can do.

7:22 pm: Wake gets a steal, a layup in transition, and the lead. Wake leads, 16-15. Wait….what?

7:23 pm: Q is not playing well today. He just got trapped and turned the ball over.

7:24 pm: Lucky for Q, Ginyard steals it back and dishes it to Terry who gets a HUGE dunk. 17-16, UNC.

7:25 pm: Hansbrough follows it with a tough basket and the foul. He steals the ball on the other end and draws the foul from Visser. 20-16, UNC.

Lawson is back at point. Roy has seen enough of Q, and as much as I like him, so have I.

7:27 pm: Visser finally gets on the board. 20-18, UNC. Lawson picks up his second foul.

7:28 pm: Wake takes the lead back as Hale hits another three. 21-20, Wake.

7:29 pm: Skip Prosser is really pissed at the refs right now. He’s yelling at them, but to no avail. Hansbrough hits two free throws to make it 22-21, UNC.

7:30 pm: That’s the play Wake wanted out of Visser. He fights into the paint, gets an offensive rebound, and gets the basket with the foul. He misses the FT, but still, it’s 23-22, Wake.

7:33 pm: Danny Green hits a three, but I missed it because I was distracted by the Giant inflated chipmunk in the stands. Alvin has really let himself go. 26-23, UNC.

7:36 pm: WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! (guitar riff)…But Wake responds with a quick basket on the other end. No “Stairway”? Denied! 29-25, UNC.

7:38 pm: Q is back in the game, and hits 1 of 2 free throws. 30-25, UNC.

7:39 pm: UNC gets two offensive rebounds, and Hansbrough finally gets a tough shot. 32-25, UNC.


7:41 pm: Hansbrough allows a guy to hit a wide open three, but Ellington follows with a tip-in on the other end. Ellington is having a very good game so far.

7:45 pm: Brendan Wright hits another easy shot to make it 40-30, UNC.

7:46 pm: Visser hits a tough shot off the double team, but UNC gets another easy layup. 42-32, UNC.

7:48 pm: Wake hits another three as Ginyard is caught collapsing to the inside. 42-37, UNC.

7:51 pm: The first half ends with the Heels leading, 42-37. UNC seems to be playing good interior defense, but they have to stop committing turnovers and allowing big threes. UNC certainly hasn’t been playing like we know they can play.

8:07 pm: UNC starts the scoring in the second half, but Wake follows as Visser makes a nice alley-oop pass for the dunk. 44-39, UNC.

8:10 pm: Ty Lawson gets a quick steal and draws Ishmael Smith’s 3rd foul. 45-41, UNC. Wake cannot afford to lose their PG.

Just as I say that, Lawson hits a big three to make it 48-41, UNC. He has a sweet shot.

8:12 pm: Lawson speeds into the paint and gets a good layup. He is wicked fast. 50-41, UNC.

8:13 pm: The Heels are letting the Deacs get too many offensive rebounds. They make it up for blocks (7), though. Brendan Wright gets an easy dunk. 52-43, UNC.

8:14 pm: Another offensive rebound leads to another three for the Deacs. 52-46, Wake. They’re crashing the boards like giant inflatable chipmunks for sunflower seeds. My brain seriously can’t get rid of that.

8:18 pm: Lawson hits another three. They cannot leave him open. 55-46, UNC.

8:19 pm: Skeen is a promising player. He’s very versatile, playing a good inside/outside game. If he were a little quicker, he could be all-ACC caliber next year.

8:21 pm: Wes Miller is in the game for Ellington.

I can’t believe that even on the road, UNC fans are audibly chanting “TAR! HEELS! TAR! HEELS!”. I love this team.

8:23 pm: UNC gets two quick steals by Lawson, and before you know it, it’s 60-49, UNC.

8:24 pm: UNC hits another three. It must be demoralizing for a team like Wake to be struggling against an opponent like UNC, playing them well, and as both teams are getting tired, the Heels bring in four or five fresh guys who are just as good. As Roy put it, “The other coach might really like his team, but I really like both of my teams.” The rest of the ACC must hate us.

8:28 pm: I’ve been surprised by the good defense that Hansbrough has shown tonight.

8:30 pm: Holy crap, I just realized that I am sadly mistaken. What appeared to be a giant inflatable chipmunk is actually a giant inflatable snail that goes by the name of “Snail Earnhardt” (pictured below). He apparently “eats” people during games. And yet the fans do not step in, they just laugh. How barbaric of you! There is no explanation for this other than the new plan for population control and no one telling me about it.


This remind me of the mascot at the AAA Baseball All-Star game (of the same concept) Rochester’s “Roger Clamens”:


8:32 pm: WOW! What an unbelievable play by Rayshawn Terry. He just stole the ball from a guy in mid-air. Unbelievable.

8:32 pm: The Heels are running the transition to perfection right now, pulling away and leading 69-51.

8:36 pm: WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOOOO! (guitar riff) UNC is really pulling away, and the score is now 72-51.

8:37 pm: Wake’s 3-pointers are now ice cold. This is perhaps the biggest reason (other than perfect execution by our offense) for Wkae’s second half collapse. Terry gets another layup to make it 74-51, UNC.

8:42 pm: Ellington is really shooting the ball well in this game. It’s a far cry from his previous ACC games, but maybe Wake is just making him look good. The gap is now 25: UNC 78, Wake 53.

8:45 pm: 82-54, UNC. There are five minutes left in the game. What’s the first team doing still in there for the Heels?

Mike Patrick of ESPN is shocked that Duke is #10 in the polls. Why should he be? They’re 16-3and have a good nucleus of young players. I guess the reason he can’t wrap his head around is that Duke doesn’t have any player’s that make you say “wow”. UNC has at least five. That’s why the Tar Heels are undoubtedly the best team in the ACC.

8:50 pm: I have come to the conclusion that this commercial makes absolutely no sense.

8:55 pm: “TAR! HEELS! TAR! HEELS!”

8:58 pm: The game ends the way we expected it to: a complete annihilation. UNC wins, 88-60.

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