UNC vs. Arizona: Cats get spayed

On second thought, this game may be closer than we think. Arizona’s losses were close and to quality opponents, and Wright and Ginyard are not playing due to illness. On the plus side, we won’t have to see Wright shoot free throws. UNC will win because the Cats have no bench presence, and we will run them into the ground.

1: 07 pm: Hansbrough wins the tip; Wright usually takes the tipoff, but he’s in street clothes today. Thompson starts in his place. It’s his first start, but certainly won’t be his last.


1:09 pm: Arizona is playing sloppy at the start, they get two quick unforced turnovers.
Lawson hits the big three to make it 6-0, UNC. He’s been stroking his shot very well lately.

1 :12 pm: Arizona hits a shot in the paint to make it 6-4, UNC.

The Heels aren’t hitting their shots right now. They need to be a little pickier with their shot selection.

1:13 pm: Terry get two quick baskets, including a three point play to make it 11-4, UNC.

The bad news: I’m not a big fan of CBS coverage. I’d much rather hear Dickie V calling this game. The good news: they’re playing the Foo Fighters before the TV timeout.

1:16 pm: Green, Miller and Stepheson are in the game. CBS correctly spelled his name, unlike ESPN who insists on calling him Stephenson. Worldwide leader in Sports, indeed.

1:17 pm: Shakur penetrates the heels inside defense to get a good layup and make it 11-6, UNC.

1:19 pm: Stepheson hits a tough shot to make it 15-6 UNC. Hansbrough returns, and Q gets in the game. Marcus Williams hits an easy shot off an inbound pass to make it 15-8.

1:20 pm: Arizona attacks the lane again, and they are again rewarded. It’s now 15-12, UNC. The Heels have to close that lane.

1:21 pm: Thompson hits two good shots on the inside, including a dunk, and blocked a shot and delayed an inevitable dunk. UNC leads, 19-14.

Psycho T has not been heard of much in this game. Seriously, they haven’t even been passing it to him much. Is he suffering that stomach virus that Wright and Ginyard have and not telling anyone?

1:25 pm: Super Bowl XLI is on CBS this year. Can you believe I didn’t know that until just now? And to think I call myself a sports journalist.

1:26 pm: Tyler’s a really, really, really good player. But he has GOT to stop traveling. And letting guys guys dunk in the lane. Again. 19-16, UNC.

1:27 pm: UNC has got to have better shot selection. Taking poor shots is allowing Arizona to get good shots on the other end. Shakur gets an easy layup to reduce the lead to 1.

1:28 pm: What is Hansbrough doing on the offensive perimeter? No wonder Stepheson is having a better game. Psycho T is not attacking, which is his raizon d’etre. He just got pulled. 23-20, UNC.

1:30 pm: 25-21, UNC. Ty Lawson is just fast. So fast that he went coast-to coast before I could look up from my keyboard.

1:31 pm: 27-21, UNC. Stepheson gets another good look in the paint, this time off an offensive rebound. He’s filling in well for Wright.

Robert Jarvik is advertising for Lipitor. Did you know he’s married to Marylin Vos Savant? He just wants to appear smart. What a joke.

1:34 pm: Terry is robbed blind before he could get an easy shot. Hansbrough steals back but Arizona deflects it out of bounds. Tyler proceeds to commit an offensive foul. The most exciting play in this game that ultimately amounted to nothing.

1:35 pm: Another exciting series that amounted to nothing. Hansbrough’s hot is swatted off the backboard, Shakur takes the ball drives in the lane, kicks it out to a wide open Nic Wise, who missed the shot, Hansbrough rebounds, and Lawson draws a foul and hits 1 of 2 free throws. 28-21, UNC.

1:39 pm: Q is back in the game. He dishes a nice assist to Thompson, hitting a tough shot and the foul. 30-23, UNC. Zona is now in foul trouble.

1:40 pm: Q gets another assist to Thompson to make it 32-23, UNC. Marcus Williams is really hurt, possibly a twisted ankle. UNC’s basket count because it was on the opposite end of the floor. I know I want to see the Heels win, but I hate to see a guy go down in pain like that. Unless It’s J.J. Redick.

1:43 pm: Wow. Q hits a shot to make it 34-23, UNC. He rarely takes a shot.

We only have 6 offensive rebounds today. This has to change.


1:47 pm: Hansbrough gets his first points of the game at the free throw line. 39-23, UNC. The Heels are really pulling away.

1:48 pm: Arizona is being too trigger happy right now. Hansbrough picks up his second foul. It’s very rare for him to get in foul trouble.

1:50 pm: 41-23, UNC. That is simply unfair. How did Lawson hit that shot? He shot it under the arms of Radenovic, right under the basket.

UNC has been on a 20-3 run since leading 21-20. At this point the Cats can’t hit a shot to save their souls.

None of the commercials during this game have been bizarre yet, just bad.

1:54 pm: Lawson steals the ball and gets an easy layup near the end of the half. At halftime, The Tar Heels are dominating this game. UNC 43, Arizona 25. UNC is playing extremely well; the only thing I would improve is offensive rebounds.

2:13 pm: Chase Budinger, who only played 5 minutes in the first half, gets two quick shots in the first minute of the second half. 45-28, UNC. Thompson is now also in foul trouble, picking up his third.

2:15 pm: 47-31, UNC. Hansbrough finally hits a field goal, but Radenovic hits a three, and now twice, Shakur has blocked a seemingly easy layup in transition.

2:16 pm: 49-32, UNC. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Terry jumps up over everybody, grabs the offensive rebound and slams it in. WHOOOO!!!

2:17 pm: 50-34, UNC. Arizona is really crashing the boards, but they aren’t making good shots (except for Budinger).

2:18 pm: Just as I say that, Radenovic gets the tough basket and the foul with the possibility of cutting the lead to 13. 50-37, UNC.

2:22 pm: Hill commits an offensive foul; he’s out with 4 fouls. Marcus Williams is back in.

2:23 pm: Danny Green hits the shot and the foul. 53-37, UNC.

2:24 pm: 55-37, UNC. Just when you think Arizona van get back in this, UNC retains their dominance. Just as I say that, they throw up a low percentage shot.

2:25 pm: Lawson takes the lead to 20 with another layup in transition. He wasn’t getting blocked this time. Green gets a transition shot of his own to make it 59-37, UNC.

2:28 pm: I stand corrected. CBS’s coverage is pretty good today. Billy Packer is providing good analysis, and they correctly spelled Alex Stepheson’s name, an error that ESPN has yet to correct (that means you, Mike Patrick), and even I made in this space once.

2:30 pm: Chinese dentist time. Which makes sense, because the Wildcats must feel like they are having their teeth yanked out right now. Both in pain and having their bite removed by the Heels.

2:34 pm: Stepheson gets another basket, but fouls out. Q is back in the game. 61-39, UNC.

WTF? Even WordPress spell check wants me to say Sthephenson. He needs more respect.

2:36 pm: Hansbrough hits a mid-range jumper in traffic. UNC is now up 63-39. Lawson is back in. So soon?

2:38 pm: Psycho T travels again! and to boot, Lawson nails the shot off his pass. bummer.

2:39 pm: Terry hits a wide open three pointer to make it 66-43, UNC.

2:41 pm: OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! Hansbrough absolutely posterizes Radenovic. And he is absolutely pumped. We Tar Heel fans love him, but in the rest of the country he’s probably this year’s J. J. Redick, the player that most fans love to hate.

2:46 pm: The following series is a microcosm of today’s game: Rayshawn Terry is not defended, he hits a wide open three at the top of the key, and then Lawson steals the inbound pass, dishes it to Ellington, and he hits a layup. This has been a thorough beating. UNC leads, 76-51.

2:50 pm: 78-55, UNC. You know it’s a blowout when Mike Copeland is in the game.

2:53 pm: WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOOO! (riff) Ellington makes a huge dunk. He now has more dunks in this game (1) than Arizona has threes (0).

3:00 pm: 82-60, UNC. Okay, at this point the game has just become a dunk contest. Terry gets another one.

3:01 pm: 88-63, UNC. Hansbrough gets another dunk. In with the benchwarmers!

3:10 pm: The game ends as UNC wins, 92-64. This is officially the biggest loss Arizona has ever had at home under Lute Olson. I cannot recall the last time I saw a team put such a beating on a top-25 opponent, on the road, with two of their key players suddenly out for the game. The Tar Heels may have reached the point in the season where they have balanced amturity with talent, and simply cannot be stopped.

I think that since the Va. Tech loss, and the ensuing heel known as Roy’s Monday practice, UNC has made a point to not just beat opponents but to destroy them. I’d be really scared of this team if I were Dook. Roy is the anti-Bunting.