UNC vs. Miami: The Forecast is for Pain

Tonight, UNC plays the Miami Hurricanes, and I’m going to be there for the event. Normally I would dismiss a game like this; Miami is a clearly inferior opponent. But they have the one thing that they can use against a team like UNC: depth. Like the Tar Heels, Miami has a 10 man rotation, and their distribution of the ball makes it difficult to key on any one guy (except maybe shooting guard Jack McClintock, #33).

Having said that, UNC is going to win this game for one big reason other than the ones you saw from the Arizona game, or the fact that Miami is on a 4 game skid, or the fact the the Canes are incapable of forcing turnovers. UNC is looking for revenge. Prior to the egg we laid in Blacksburg, our last regular season ACC loss, and our last double-digit loss period, was to the Hurricanes in the Dean Dome last year. You can bet these guys haven’t forgotten that.

Tonight it’s going to be chilly, and it looks like there’ a winter weather advisory for Chapel Hill, NC. Miami is about to feel the big chill.