UNC is Number 8? What the Hell!

This week, UNC was ranked #8 by the AP and ESPN men’s basketball posts. What?!? What’s the logic in this? I understand that we have 5 losses. But we were previously #5, a lot of teams around us in the rankings (Florida, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh) lost games, and our loss was on the road, in conference, to a 22-7 Maryland team who is now ranked in the AP poll. Seriously, #8? Behind the Memphis Tigers, who play in one of the weakest conferences in Division I? The pollsters must have had their minds warped. Like these guys:

(Yes, this is an excuse to post a bizarre Japanese clip.)

On the other hand, Joe Lunardi still has us as a #1 seed in the NCAA, which surprised me, to be honest. I think we still need to win out the rest of the season and make the finals of the ACC tournament to guarantee a #1 seed. But if the committee thinks we’re still worthy, I’m not complaining.

UPDATE (3/2): This post was made under the assumption that we wouldn’t lose to Georgia. But our defense decided to see a Lil’ Jon show in Atlanta while the Yellow Jackets absolutely lit the Heels up. WHAT?!?! So forget what I just said.

UNC Men vs. Maryland Live Blog: Who is Mike Jones?

This game is about to start just as the UNC-Duke Women’s game is getting interesting. Doing them both simultaneously, even if for half an hour, will be hard. It looks like Maryland’s tourney hopes are safe, as they will most likely finish .500 or better in the ACC. But They still need a signature win, and UNC would certainly fit the bill if they can pull it off.

5:35 pm: Turtles are cold-blooded animals, and thus will not survive in the snow of Maryland tonight.

5:40 pm: 2-0, UNC. Hansbrough opens the scoring for UNC. There is no stopping him when he’s in position.

5:41 pm: Rayshawn Terry always gets himself injured in a game. This time, he hits his fingers against the backboard. Nothing you can do about it, but it’s still like, his 10th mini-injury of the season.

5:46 pm: 10-3, UNC. Wow. A lot can happen in five minutes. This could get ugly.

5:47 pm: The Comcast Center’s most interesting feature is the “the wall”. The seats behind the opponent’s basket are all on one plane in a 35 degree incline, creating the illusion of a wall of fans looking down upon the opposing players. I understand that it can be pretty intimidating. It will be interesting to see what kind of role it plays in the second half.

6:01 pm: 24-11, UNC. UNC is absolutely dominating this game. Frasor just hit a three. Don’t ask me how, I’ve been watching the other game.

6:11 pm: 30-21, UNC. Now thatthe women’s game is over, I can finally focus my attention to the dudes.

6:13 pm: 34-29, UNC. This game is happening at such a fast pace, I can barely keep up. UNC is playing really bad defense right now, and Maryland keeps getting easy shots inside.

6:15 pm: 34-32, UNC. Maryland brings it to within two thanks to three the hard way by D.J. Strawberry off an unbelievable pass by Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones!

6:17 pm: 37-34, UNC. Just as the Terps have all the momentum, Wes Miller comes in and sinks the three.

6:18 pm: 39-36, UNC. Lawson hits an off-balance jumper, but Ibekwe gets an easy basket inside on the next possession.

6:22 pm: 41-36, UNC. Danny Green makes an easy layup off a Brandan Wright rejection on the other end.

6:24 pm: 44-38, UNC. How does Maryland not know that Wes Miller is going to shoot that every time?

The announcer was very observant about the crowd. They have been enigmatic, in and out of it today. FSN may have the best commentators. Not a lot of fluff, just good commentators. The kind of coverage that I crave, but also makes me sleepy.

6:28 pm: The first half ends, with UNC holding on to a 44-41 lead. Honestly, I didn’t see enough to give a full critique of the first half (watching the end of the UNC-Dook women’s game), but it looked like UNC was struggling because they seemed to shift in and out of focus. They need to play better defense and clean the glass to keep their lead in the second half. Maryland is one of the few teams whom I see can run with the Heels.

6:38 pm: Video evidence of perhaps the only situation where Hooters and Dick do not go well together.

6:45 pm: The ball is stolen by Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! and UNC is very lucky that he missed the layup.

6:46 pm: 48-42, UNC. Hansbrough gets two consecutive easy baskets inside. The Maryland crowd is shockingly quiet at the beginning of the half.

6:47 pm: 48-46, UNC. D.J. Strawberry is an insane athlete. He just made the drive to the basket between Terry and Hansbrough look easy. What was Wright doing on that play?

6:49 pm: 52-48, UNC. Just as Maryland makes a great play to tie the game, Wright and Hansbrough get two easy shots on two straight possessions.

6:50 pm: 52-52. Wow. This game is going at an extremely fast pace. Maryland gets two quick baskets to tie the game in 35 seconds, the second one off of a big block by Ibekwe.

6:53 pm: Oh no! BRANDAN WRIGHT IS SHOOTING FREE THROWS! AAHHHHHHHH!!!! MY EYYYYYEEESSSSSS!!! Fortunately, he can dunk it. 54-52, UNC.

6:55 pm: 56-52, UNC. Green gets an easy layup off a rebound and pass by Marcus Ginyard.

I simply can’t get over how well Bambale Osby is playing today. Or his hair.

6:56 pm: 60-53, UNC. Hansbrough shows his range with a 15 foot jumpshot. Frasor follows it with a nice midrange shot of his own. The Tar Heels seem to have the momentum right now.

7:01 pm: 62-57, UNC. Maryland gets to within 5 thanks to another basket by Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Hansbrough has continued to play like the beast that he is on the offensive end in the second half.

7:05 pm: 64-57, UNC. If there were a Bojangles in the DC area, I would start chanting for biscuits about now.

7:06 pm: 69-59, UNC. Osby makes another shot to keep it close, but Lawson’s three extends the Tar heel lead to double digits.

I like Osby. He and his afro can become the next Ben Wallace.

7:07 pm: 73-61, UNC. Psycho T robs Osby blind and dunks it on the other end. He now has 19 points in the game, and UNC could be on pace to hit the century mark.

7:10 pm: 75-65, UNC. Vasquez brings the Terps deficit to within 10, but Ibekwe has four fouls.

The Heels seem to have no problem scaling “the wall” tonight.

7:14 pm: The Terps student section has broken out the hypnotic spirals for free throw shooting, and they seem to have fazed Alex Stepheson.

7:16 pm: 77-67, UNC. Frasor, Gunyard, and Wes Miller are in the game. Frasor misses an easy layup, and Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! hits a three to bring the lead down to 77-70.

7:17 pm: 77-73, UNC. Strawberry is very sour for me right now. He just hit a three to cut the deficit to four after an Ellington miss. No Stairway? Denied!

7:18 pm: 79-75, UNC. Tyler Hansbrough is an unstoppable force. There is simply no other way to say it.

Mike Jones will make sure you know who he is by the time this game is over. Back then, they didn’t want me; now I’m hot, they all own me.

7:22 pm: 80-77, UNC. Nothing scares the crap out of me more than a sweaty, pissed off Gary Williams. The Terps are now within one possession in this game with less than four minutes left.

7:26 pm: 81-80, UMD, 2:45 left. Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! I am really scared now.

7:28 pm: 82-81, UNC, 1:55 left. UNC gets a very lucky bounce, as their shot clangs in.

7:29 pm: 85-84, UMD, 1:26 left. Maryland simply cannot be stopped right now.

7:32 pm: 89-84, UMD, :55 left. UNC is taking bad shots, and Maryland is suddenly outhustling Hansbrough for the ball inside.


7:34 pm: 89-87, UMD, :18 left. UNC manages to force a turnover, jarring the ball out of a driving guard without fouling. UNC will now have the ball with a chance to tie.

7:36 pm: 89-87, UMD, :04 left. UNC’s hopes lie in the free throw shooting of Brandan Wright. And naturally he misses his first shot. If karma is any indication, Wright will make his next free throw while trying to miss. AHHHHHHHHH!!! MY EYYYYYYYEEESSSSSS!!!

7:38 pm: Wright misses like he should but Hansbrough is unable to control the rebound, and Maryland wins 89-87. I am just completely speechless. How is UNC outscored 24-10 in the final minutes of the game? How do the Tar heels allow that to happen. I give huge credit to Maryland, who played a great game, but I was very surprised to see that in the closing minutes, Maryland played more physical in the paint that Wright and Hansbrough did, which I thought was impossible. UNC also only made four free throws in the second half of the game, something that simply cannot happen if they want to keep a lead down the stretch. Maybe “the wall” and the hypnotic spiral did make a difference. But Maryland is going to be one of the most dangerous teams in the NCAA tournament. You have to be very good to recover from a double digit second half deficit to beat a team like North Carolina. This UNC team is much better than they’re playing. We cannot underachieve like this in March if we want to go to Atlanta.

Update: You know I couldn’t leave you without a Mike Jones video.

UNC vs. Duke Women Live Blog: Goestenkorsopolis Is a City of Lies

Today is a double dip for the Tar Heels. First the Women play their regular season finale against the Dookies in Cameron Indoor at 4:00. Then the UNC men play the Maryland Terrapins in College Park at 5:30. I have to somehow find a way to cover them both. Meanwhile, the Extrapolater is covering Wisconsin-Ohio State at Digital Headbutt. In the first matchup, Alison Bales and Elrana Larkins canceled each other out, and the game was decided in the backcourt. Harding and Waner had great games for Duke, while Ivory Latta may have had the worst game of her career, shooting 3-20, including 0-11 from three. She and Larkins will need to be effective if the Heels want to win this game. It’s a big day in college basketball, so enjoy.

4:04 pm: 3-0, Dook. Harding draws first blood with a three from the top of the key. UNC needs to box out better, that opportunity happened because of Dook’s lowpost presence.

4:05 pm: 5-0, Dook. Alison Bales shows her range with a nice midrange jumper.

4:06 pm: 5-2, Dook. UNC finally gets on the board as Larkins hits a basket off an offensive rebound. We need her to dominate the offensive glass for us to win.

4:07 pm: 5-4, Dook. Latta hits a nice jumpshot to reduce the lead to two.

This Cameron Indoor crowd is almost as intimidating as during a men’s game. I have to give them a lot of credit for that.

4:08 pm: 7-4, Dook. Dook scores easily again to bring the lead back up to three. What’s worse is that Larkins makes a nice move and misses an easy layup on the following possession. We simply cannot afford to miss those kinds of opportunities against such a defensively sound opponent.

4:13 pm: 9-7, Dook. Harding steals the ball and drives for an easy layup, but Camille Little hits a three to reduce the deficit to two. She’s usually in the post, so she was left wide open.

4:14 pm: 12-7, Dook. Alison Bales hits a three. Her versatility is unbelievable. I can;t believe i’m complementing a Dookie.

Big trouble for the Tar Heels: Larkins seems to have injured her ankle. UNC cannot afford to have her out long.

4:16 pm: 14-7, Dook. UNC commits their fourth turnover already, and it leads to a nice floater by Harding. How is allowed to be that open?

4:17 pm: 14-9, Dook. The good news: UNC hits another ourside shot. The bad news: She forced a turnover on the next possession, drove into the lane, and missed her layup.

4:19 pm: 16-9, Dook. Wow. Alison Bales can block our shots without even jumping.

Jessica Breland steals the ball and gets an easy basket inside to make it 16-11, Dook.

4:20 pm: Interesting story: my siser and I were at Carmichael Auditorium to pay our last respects to Latta and Camille Little at their home finale against Wake. We blew them out, but what was fun for me was that we ended up sitting next to Jessica Breland’s entire family. Wake is at the bottom of the ACC barrel, so Breland, a bench player, got significant playing time and ended up scoring a season high 14 points. They were completely ecstatic. I had a lot of fun watching their reaction. Every time she had the ball her mom said “Shoot it!”, and eventually I got into it and started rooting for Jessica specifically.

4:24 pm: 16-15, Dook. UNC definitely has the momentum now. Larkins is back in the game after the TV timeout, UNC score two straight baskets (the latest by Larkins), and the Heels are really starting to force turnovers defensively.

4:26 pm: 18-16, UNC. WHOOOOOO!!! Latta hits a three to give the Heels their first lead of the game. But she got hit hard by a Bales screen and may miss time.

4:27 pm: 20-18, Dook. The Devils take the lead thanks to UNC not bothering to box out. If Duke gets three straight chances, they’re going to score.

4:28 pm: 20-20. Good news: Latta didn’t miss any minutes. Better news: Larkins just tied the game.

4:34 pm: 22-21, UNC. UNc gains the lead, but can;t extend it despite 4 opportunities in the paint. Dook makes them pay and takes the lead.

4:35 pm: 23-22, Dook. What?!? A travel? THAT WAS A FOUL!

4:36 pm: 26-22, Dook. I have to say, UNC is playing a lot better in this game than the first matchup at Carmichael. But it looks like the same things are starting to happen. Latta is starting to take ridiculous shots, and Abby Waner is starting to make it rain like Pacman Jones.

4:38 pm: 26-24, Dook. UNC reduces the deficit to two, as Rashad…er, Rashanda McCants finally gets on the board.

4:40 pm: 28-24, Dook. The reason Dook is winning is because they have 13 second chance points to 4 for UNC. If not for them, the Heels have a 5 point lead.

4:41 pm: 28-28, Dook. Wait a minute…since when does Rashanda play out of her mind? Surely this must be Rashad changing places with her in drag. Which is understandable, because the Timberwolves only play him 3 minutes a game anyway.

4:47 pm: 35-28, Dook. What the hell just happened? Dook seemed to have just opened the floodgates. UNC is simply not getting their rebounds.

4:48 pm: 35-30, Dook. UNC stops the the momentum with a great assist from Latta to Larkins.

4:49 pm: the half ends, Dook leading 35-30. The scoreboard is eerily similar to the last matchup, and Latta’s performance is similar (7 points, 2-9 shooting). But this game seems to be going at a much faster pace. UNC needs to hit the shots that the Dookies are allowing them. Right now that’s the 10-15 foot jumpers. If they can hit those and outrebound the Devils in the second half, they have a very good chance of winning.

5:06 pm: 35-32, Dook. Larkins scores the first points of the second half for the Tar Heels.

It’s nice to see at least a decent UNC constituency in the stands.

5:07 pm: 35-34, Dook. Larkins gets another shot (she now has 12), but butmore importantly the second half has begun very sloppy. In fact, this game ahs been pretty sloppy since midway in the first half.

5:09 pm: 37-34, Dook. Bales is left all alone in the middle and gets an easy layup.

5:10 pm: 40-36, Dook. Wainisha Smith hits a three to extend the lead to 4. She led the Dookies with 17 in the last matchup.

5:11 pm: 42-38, Dook. Smith hits another outside shot, and Latte gets her first points in the half from the one place her shots are uncontested: the free throw line. The Devils’ defense has been more tenacious than a trial lawyer.

5:15 pm: 42-42. One of the UNC forwards (I think it’s Pringle) makes a great left-handed layup, and then Larkins drives right past Bales to tie the game.

5:17 pm: 45-42, Dook. Just when the Tar Heels get the momentum, Lindsey Harding gets three the hard way to swing the pendulum right back.

5:19 pm: 46-44, Dook. Jessica Breland’s mom: “Oh my God! Yeah! Whoooo! That’s my baby! That’s my baby!”

5:21 pm: 51-46, Dook. There is no excuse for Abby Waner to be that open on the perimeter.

5:22 pm: 51-49, Dook. UNC steals the ball, and Latta gets an easy layup.

The UNC men play the Terps in ten minutes. I still don’t know how I’m going to pull this off.

5:26 pm: 51-51. Latta drives the lane and ties the game with a tough layup over the trees. She’s really heating up in the second half. More importantly, she’s making better decisions.

5:29 pm: 52-51, Dook. Wow. Lindsey Harding is missing her free throws. She must be getting really tired.

5:30 pm: 53-52, UNC. Yes! Larkins makes a nice shot in the paint, and takes the lead for the first time in a while.

5:32 pm: 53-53. This game has been really intense. Both teams must be spent at this point. Their effort certainly has not wavered.

5:33 pm: 55-53, Dook. The other Waner sister robs Ivory blind, and gets an easy layup on the under end. NOOOOOOOO!!!

5:37 pm: 56-55, UNC. Camille Little hits a huge three to give the lead back to the Tar Heels. She was able to make that shot because of great perimeter passing.

5:38 pm: 56-55, UNC. How does Larkins miss those shots? They were point-blank! She’s been on fire today! Why did they not go in?!?

5:43 pm: 57-56, Dook. The Devils get the lead back. Don’t ask me how, I was watching the start of the men’s game. My suggestion is, watch the women’s game until it’s over. I’ll still try to double dip. Boy, that sounds weird, doesn’t it?

5:45 pm: 59-56, Dook. Abby Waner hits a nice shot to extend the lead to 3. More importantly, UNC can’t buy a decent shot attempt right now.

5:50 pm: 61-56, Dook, 2:50 left. Dook has done an unbelievable job on defense today. UNC hasn’t gotten any chances in the last five minutes. They must solve this problem quickly, as time is now a factor and the Dook band, in all their arrogance, is now playing salsa.

5:54 pm: If the Dookies were able to make their free throws, this game would be over. It’s not looking good for UNC. They have not hit a shot since there were eight minutes left in the game.

5:56 pm: 62-56, Dook, 1:03 left. It looks like the Heels have simply run out of gas.

5:59 pm: 64-58, Dook, :53 left. Latta hits two free throws, but this is their first points in 6:52. You simply cannot go clod like that late in the second half in a close game and expect to win.

6:03 pm: 66-60, Dook, :14 left. UNC gets its first basket in over seven minutes, but Dook is salting it away at the free throw line.

6:06 pm: The game goes final: The Dookies win, 68-62. Duke is the first team in ACC history to go undefeated in women’s basketball. Combine howw good this team is with the very real pssobility of playing all of their regional games in Raleigh and Grrensboro, they can pretty much punch their ticket to the final four at this point, barring something really bad happening. Congratulations, I hope Goestenkorsopolis is very, very cold tonight.

UNC vs. NC State Live Blog II: God Is Withholding The Destruction Of China Until He Gets A Bootleg Copy of “Snakes On a Plane: Air Force One”

If you’re wondering about the title, the part after the colon has nothing to do with tonight’s game. I just though you should know that before you make any travel plans. I have my sources.

Anyway, when these two teams last met at the RBC Center on Feb. 3, NC State managed to pull off the upset 83-79. Now, we could talk about how UNC may have overlooked their opponent, how soft the Tar Heel defense was, how well prepared the Wolfpack were for their opponent, how they managed to squeeze their starters for all they were worth, what a boost the return of point guard Engin Atsur was, how well they passed the ball, how they dictated the pace of the game by bringing to a screeching halt, and how the Wolfpack shot 76% in the second half. We could dissect every angle of the game, but you and I both know there was only one reason they won that game:



That’s it. It was that friggin’ red blazer that our good pimpalicious friend Sidney Lowe wore on the sidelines. They won because of coach Lowe’s gaudy outfit! Good lord, I wish I knew how to use Photoshop so I can give him a red fedora and “cheerleader” by his side. That would complete the image. If he does that, the Wolfpack will be unstoppable. However, I don’t think he’ll go that far today, which is why I think that the Tar Heels will be prepared enough not to allow lightning strike twice. It will still be a nail-biter; the Pack will be able to hold on until the bitter end. But at some point, the Heels are going to dictate the pace of the game; if an when that’s happens, UNC will win. I just hope the game does not rest on Brandan Wright free throws. Then all bets are off.

(By the way: if you found this blog in the WordPress dashboard, the preceding photograph is the reason you found me. I posted this photo after the first game. Yesterday a forum on InsideCarolina.com was looking for a picture of Lowe in his pimpadelic garb. Some dude in Virginia linked to my article.)

9:05 pm: 2-0, UNC. The Heels are trying to dictate the pace early. Brandan Wright starts off with an easy layup in transition. Hansbrough then gets the steal on the other end, but he turns the ball over himself.

9:07 pm: 2-2. Gavin Grant gets behind the defense for an easy dunk.

I see Coach Lowe is pimped out once again tonight.

9:08 pm: 5-2, UNC. Danny Green hits the first 3-pointer of the game. Ironically, NCSU has had three open attempts from beyond the arc and missed them all.

9:09 pm: 5-5. Just as I type that, Brandon Costner gets three the hard way.

9:10 pm: 7-5, UNC. Hansbrough gets his first basket of the game. That’s only the second time he’s touched the ball in this game.

9:13 pm: TAR! HEELS! TAR! HEELS!

9:14 pm: NC State is doing a good job of collapsing on the ball defensively. That has prevented several potential baskets for UNC so far.


I just saw Ty Lawson slow down on his way to the halfcourt. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it means everything.

9:18 pm: 9-8, UNC. Bobby Frasor is in at point for the Heels. Thompson, Miller and Ginyard are also in the game.

9:19 pm: 12-8, UNC. Brandan Wright makes a relly nice shot inside and drwas the foul. Perhaps even more impressive is that his free throw was nothing but net.

9:20 pm: 16-11, UNC. Engin Atsur hits the first three for the Wolfpack. Ginyard then gets 4 points in one possession. First he goes to the free throw line, makes the first, and misses the second. UNC rebounds, and Ginyard hits a quick three.

9:23 pm: 16-14, UNC. I would say that luck is on UNC’s side, but then State hits another open three pointer, and then Ginyard commits an offensive foul. That was a bizarre series of events. This calls for a really bizarre commercial. You gotta love Japan.

9:25 pm: 18-16, UNC. Costner ties the game for NC State, but the Hansbrough makes a hook shot from the baseline.

9:26 pm: 21-18, NCSU. The Wolfpack are really starting to hit their shots, and have taken the lead. Hmmm. The basketball gods must not like Japanese TV.

9:28 pm: 25-20, NCSU. At the beginning of the game, NC State couldn’t make a shot. Now, they can’t miss. The red blazer is working its voodoo. Roy should have known better than to not wear some gaudy Carolina Blue blazer.

9:30 pm: 28-24, NCSU. Lawson makes a nice layup inside, but he picks up his second foul. This means that Quentin Thomas enters the game. Believe it or not, he may be the team’s best passer.

9:35 pm: 28-26, NCSU. Thomas enters the game and the pace immediately picks up. The transition goes form Hansbrough rebound to Thomas pass to Ellington layup in 5 seconds.

9:38 pm: 29-28, NCSU. Q! QIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! I think that’s the seventh shot he’s hit this season.

9:39 pm: 30-29, UNC. Hansbrough gives the Heels the lead on free throws. UNC is on a 8-1 run.

9:42 pm: 32-31, UNC. Psycho T is getting his touches, and it shows. But Atsur hits another three to make it 34-32, NCSU.

9:43 pm: 36-34, UNC. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That did not just happen! NC State was rejected, UNC won a scrum for the ball, and Q threw an alley-oop to Wright. Q made it look too easy.

9:44 pm: Wait a minute…Q plays absolutely phenomenal at point for 4 minutes, and then Roy puts in Bobby Frasor? That makes no sense. But I love when Engin Atsur is shouting “BULL—-!” on the court. You may not have heard it, but I could read his lips.

9:48 pm: 37-36, UNC. McCauley finally gets on the board for the Wolfpack, but Horner picks up his third foul. the frontcourt is in real foul trouble.


9:50 pm: 39-36, UNC. Wright hits 2 of 4 free throws. Still, it was pretty ugly.

9:52 pm: 40-39, NCSU. The Wolfpack draw two quick fouls, and suddenly they take the lead at the line.

9:53 pm: 41-40, UNC. Brandan Wright gets a nice inside basket at the end of the half. NC State cant get a shot off, which means that UNC leads 41-40 at halftime. Believe it or not. the Heels did not play too badly so far in this game. NC State seemed to control the pace for the first 12 minutes, and UNC seemed to regain some semblance of control in the final 8 minutes, especially when Quentin Thomas was at point. I definitely think that he is a better matchup against point than the slower, more conservative Bobby Frasor. That’s what UNC needs to do to win this game in the second half. They must absolutely be the aggressors in the second half, and tire out the thin Wolfpack.

10:12 pm: Apparently Sidney Lowe fell ill at some point during halftime. What this means is that his red blazer can no longer do its voodoo, which means it’s only a matter of time before the Heels pull away.

10:14 pm: 43-40, UNC. Actually, all bets are off again. They coach filling in for Lowe, Monty Towe, was the point guard of the 1974 Championship team.

10:15 pm: 43-42, UNC. Costner hits the first FG of the second half, but McCauley picks up his 3rd foul.

10:16 pm: 45-45. Hansbrough is fed the ball again, but Costner hits an NBA three. He is an unbelievable athlete.

10:18 pm: 49-45, UNC. Well, the momentum from the three pointer lasted about 10 seconds. First Ellington drives in for a layup the gives UNC the lead, then the Heels force a steal leading to a two handed dunk by Terry. Which is good, because I haven’t heard from him all night.

10:22 pm: 51-45, UNC. NC State turns the ball over again, and Bobby Frasor gets an easy layup.

10:23 pm: 55-47, UNC. Gavin Grant stops the bleeding with a dunk, but Deon Thompson proceeds to get two straight baskets inside. UNC has outscored NC State 14-7 in the second half. More importantly, the Heels are dictating the pace of the game.

10:26 pm: A travel?!? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

10:27 pm: 57-50, UNC. How does Courtney Fells get that open?!? Fortunately, Wright and the UNC frontcourt are dominating the offensive paint.


10:29 pm: 60-52, UNC. Sidney Lowe is in the hospital, but he’s okay. Now to the important stuff: Hansbrough just dunked! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!

10:32 pm: 62-54, UNC. What was UNC doing not boxing out? They gave up a basket because of that! Fortunately, Wright makes another basket off a Hansbrough miss.

10:34 pm: 65-54, UNC. Yes! Lawson hits a three, and UNC has its first double digit lead of the game.

Dear Hansbrough: wear prescription goggles. This contact lens stuff is getting ridiculous.

10:36 pm: 68-54, UNC. Danny Green hits another three for the Heels. More importantly, it looks like the Wolfpack are out of gas.

10:37 pm: 68-56, UNC. Gavin Grant gets a breakaway dunk. I just had to open my trap, didn’t I?

10:39 pm: Bizarre ad: Young man, you may wanna wean off that Photoshop.

10:42 pm: 70-56, UNC. Wait…did that just happen? Did Brandan Wright hit both of his free throws? ITS A MIRACLE!!! The answer to my prayers!


10:46 pm: 74-61, UNC. Brandan Wright is truly having a career day. Not only does he have a caree high 24 points, he has dominated the paint on both sides of the ball unlike I’ve ever seen him before.

10:50 pm: 78-61, UNC. Hansbrough gets a nice basket inside. He has 18 tonight. The frontcourt has dominated this game. But why hasn’t Q seen more time on the court? He played very well when he was on the court (better than Lawson, to be honest), but he only played 4 minutes. What gives?

10:53 pm: 80-61, UNC. The Heels pretty much have this one in the books. This is a game closer to what I expected in our original matchup: That the Wolfpack was good enough to hang around in the first half, but UNC’s depth would allow them to pull away in the second half as NC State ran out of gas. To be honest, the game was over the moment their pimpadelic coach left the building. It’s hard to overcome that.

10:56 pm: 83-62, UNC. WHOOOO!!! WES! WES! WES! Miller hits a three.

10:57 pm: And that’s how the games ends: UNC wins 83-64! WHOOOOOO!!! Cue the Band! With this win UNC remains solidly in first place in the ACC at 10-3. Regardless of what I said about coach Lowe, I really hope he’s OK.

11:00 pm: Oh. Good Lord. The NC Powerball drawing just killed that atmosphere. Way to go WRAL.

UNC vs. Boston College: The Ultimate Battle for ACC Supremacy…Sort Of

Both of these teams have been well documented both on this blog and on my non-Tar Heel blog, Digital Headbutt. The key matchup may not be Terry vs. Dudley or Rice vs. Lawson/Frasor/Miller/Thomas, but it could Sean Marshall vs. UNC’s shooting guards. Marshall has a height advantage on Wanye Ellington, and Wayne is not famous for his defense, so Ginyard and Danny Green will get a alot of time in his grill. Brandan Wright is coming off of injury, so he could be tested early and often by Tyrelle Blair.

The reason UNC will win is because, as this clip shows, Roy is Dr. Honeydew to Hansbrough’s Beaker.

9:04 pm: 2-0, UNC. Hansbrough scores an easy basket over 6-6 Jamare Spears.

9:05 pm: 4-2, UNC. Oates gets a putback in the net, but Hansbrough responds by hitting the near exact same shot on the other side of the court.

9:06 pm: 7-4, BC. John Oates hits a big three pointer to put the Eagles up. That will be his secret weapon, the fact that Hansbrough or Wirght will have to come up to the perimeter.

9:08 pm: 10-6, BC. Deon Thompson comes in and hits a basket around the free throw line, but Oates gets a dunk off a rebound.

9:10 pm: 10-10. Danny Green comes in and his short rattles in, and then Psycho T steals the ball, runs half the court and delivers a rim-shattering dunk to tie the game. For The Tar Heels to control the tempo of the game, they will need to get defensive stops and turnovers like this.

9:13 pm: 13-10, UNC. WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOO!!! (riff) off a great screen he hits a three. Lawson follows with an easy layup in transition to make it 15-10, UNC.

9:15 pm: Bobby Frasor is in the game. Laet’s see how he plays against Rice.

9:17 pm: Boston College is really playing sloppy. They’ve turned the ball over 5 times in 6 possessions.

9:19 pm: 17-14, UNC. Dudley and Rice each get their first points of the night.

9:20 pm: 19-14, UNC. Hansbrough gets the basket and the foul. He’s going to shott the free throw after the stupid TV timeouts.

Did you know that When SMU played Memphis earlier this year, the game managed to bypass an entire TV timeout, so then ESPN put 2 TV timeout 27 seconds from each other. That should be illegal. But at the same time, weshould be thankful; in Spain, commercial breaks last 15 minutes.
9:23 pm: 20-16, UNC. Blair is in the game, and he gets an easy dunk wothout being challenged. Rice drwas Wright away from the paint.

9:24 pm: 22-16, UNC. Wright gets his first basket of the game, a 10-foot hook shot.

9:25 pm: 24-16, UNC. The Heels get more help from Thompson, whose shot rattles in. UNC has shot 67% from the field so far.

9:29 pm: 25-21, UNC. Tyrelle Blair rejects a Hansbrough shot, and Rice hits a three in the fast break. That was just too easy.

9:33 pm: 25-23, UNC. Dick Vitale and product placement: they just go together.

9:34 pm: 26-25, BC. Dudley hits a big three of the backboard to give the Eagles the lead.

9:35 pm: 29-28, BC. Lawson gets a three off a nice pass, but the Eagles respond. Trouble arisesw as Dudley picks up his third foul. They simply cannot afford to have him on the bench.

9:37 pm: 31-30, BC. Tyrese Rice makes an unbelivable shot, a layup off the top of the backboard.

9:38 pm: 32-31, BC. Q enters the game and immediately delivers an assist to Hansbrough, who hits an outside jump shot.

9:39 pm: 33-31, BC. Al Skinner picks up a Technical foul. Wait…wow. Al is usually a very, very calm person. That’s about as unusual as this:

9:41 pm: 33-33. Rice hits free throws to tie the game.

North Carolina has already made 22 substitutions in 16 minutes That’s approximately once every 42 seconds, which means on almost every offensive possesion Boston College sees someone different.

9:45 pm: 37-33, UNC. The Heels take the lead off of Hansbrough free throws, and then Wright gets a nice basket. UNC is dominating the paint so far.


9:47 pm: 42-36, UNC. Marshall hits a three to stop the run, but Wright gets another nice basket inside.

9:48 pm: 42-38, UNC. An unbelievable play by Blair: He gets the rebound, the basket. and the foul on Wright and Hansbrough.

9:49 pm: 44-38, UNC. WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOO!!! (guitar riff) Wait…they counted it as a two! Booooooooooooo!!!

9:51 pm: The game hits halftime, as North Carolina leads Boston College 44-38. Both teams played fairly well in the first half, but Boston College was hurt by turnovers, Jared Dudley’s foul trouble,a nd being outrebounded by the Tar Heels. UNC needs to shut down Tyrese Rice, who is picking apart Ty Lawson, and keep getting the ball to Hansbrough and Wright. Boston College needs to get Marshall more involved, and Dudley cannot foul out, period.

10:00 pm: Bizarre ad: The Superfans are back! DAAAAAAAAAAA BEARS!

10:07 pm: UNC has to play better defense. They have allowed 59% shooting by the Eagles.

10:08 pm: YES! UNC gets the rebound, ad 3 seconds later Wright gets the three point play on the other end. 47-38, UNC.

10:09 pm: 47-40, UNC. Marshall drives down the baseline and gets an emphatic dunk.

10:10 pm: 51-42, UNC. WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOOOO!!! (riff) He gets two baskets on two straight possessions, and the Heels take a 9 point lead.

10:11 pm: 51-45, UNC. Dudley gets the basket and draws the foul from Terry. Spears follows with a basket of his own off an offensive rebound to reduce UNC’s lead to 4.

10:13 pm: 55-47, UNC. Lawson makes a reverse layup inside, a la Jordan, and then Tyler Hansbrough just makes it look easy.

10:14 pm: 55-49, UNC. UNC does not have a lot of defensive stops today. When the Eagles have botten shots they usually have been able to make them; this has to stop.

Oh no…The Heels get a 4-on-1 opportunity and turn the ball over. In a game this important, we cannot afford to let those chances slip.

10:18 pm: 55-51, UNC. At halftime I said that for BC to win, Marshall needed to get more involved. He certainly has. This time he hits a floater in the paint. He now has 6 in the second half.

10:20 pm: 57-51, UNC. Hansbrough hits two free throws. He has 17 in the game.

10:22 pm: 59-53, UNC. Jared Dudley gets another basket inside, but Terry finally reminds me that he exists.

10:23 pm: 59-57, BC. Rice is single handedly keeping BC in this game. He gets a nice layup inside, robs Ty Lawson blind, and makes a nice dish to Marshall, who gets an easy layup and his 8th point of the second half.

10:27 pm: 61-59, UNC. Marshall is simply on fire in the second half; he now has 11 points in 9 minute. Our two best defenders play his position; what the f— is happening? Why isn’t Ginyard in the game?

10:29 pm: 64-61, UNC. Dudley ties the game, but Terry finally hits a three. Where the hell has he been?

10:30 pm: 68-63, UNC. A great series of events, first Rice attacks and gets an easy layup (NOOOOOOO!!!), then Lawson gets a layup of his own (YESSS!!!), then Wright hits a floater off another offensive rebound. This game is getting so exciting and fast, my fingers and eyes can’t keep up.

10:35 pm: How does Doug Flutie, BC legend/god, end up with an upper level seat?!? I was born in Boston, and that is an insult!

10:36 pm: 68-65, UNC. Marshall hits yet another basket. He has 12 points in 14 second half minutes He must be stopped! Where is Ginyard?!?

10:38 pm: How does Hansbrough foul Marshall and not get fopuled by Oates or Bliar?!? HOW?!?!?!?

10:39 pm: OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! What a play by Rayshawn Terry! He runs over a guy and gets the basket! 70-65, UNC.

10:40 pm: Dudley shoudl’ve been called for an offensive foul. It was clear that Hansbrough had his feet set when Dudley made contact.

10:42 pm: Dudley steals an inbound pass, but Rice can’t capitalize. Terry makes his presence felt by hitting another three to give UNC a 73-66 lead with less than four minutes left. The difference between 73-66 and 70-69 is about half an inch.

10:46 pm: Oh, now I know why Ginyard’s been on the bench. He just fouled a guy whiloe shooting, saving precious clock for BC and allowing the Eagles to get points.

10:50 pm: 73-70, UNC. The Heels play 35 seconds of great defense, but Rice still hit a jumpshot as the shot clock expired.


10:52 pm: Jared Dudley draws the 3-point foul on UNC’s resident moron, Rayshawn Terry. But he misses all three! OH MY GOD!!!

10:54 pm: This is why we lost to Virginina Tech: in crunch time, the team collectiveely decided to deny Tyler Hansbrough’s existence.

10:55 pm: UNC plays great defense and Rice STILL gets the basket with 30 seconds left. UNC will have the ball, but ifr Hansbrough doesn;t touch the ball I will disown Ty Lawson.

10:57 pm: With 22 seconds left Ginyard is sent to the line. He hits both of his free throws and gives UNC a 75-72 lead.

11:00 pm: Holy crap, is the BC band playing “Smack That”?

11:01 pm: Rice’s shot is blocked by Brandan Wright, and then Dudley misses a three and the Heels rebound. Ty Lawson is sent to the free throw line and hits his free throws.

11:04 pm: Carolina Wins 77-72! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! CUE THE BAND!!!

The Heels did a good job of responding to adversity in this game; every time the Eagles tied, took the lead or got too close for comfort, UNC gave themselves some breathing room. However, there were a lot of things I didn’t like about how we dealt with a close game. We still should have done a better job of getting it to Hansbrough in the final minutes, they allowed the Eagles to shoot 51% from the field, and they were very lucky that Jared Dudley missed his free throws. If he makes those free throws, Rice’s layup gives BC the lead, and the Heels might lose. I am still very apprehensive about being in a close game in the tournament, because good teams like Wisconsin, Kansas, Marquette, Vanderbilt and Southern Illinois will not be as forgiving.

Dick Vitale Finally Loses His Mind

Well, we all knew this was going to happen eventually. Dickie V, in all his exuberance, was clearly running out of brain cells, and his cranium finally went empty during last night’s Duke-Boston College broadcast, when he said: “It doesn’t matter if Mike Krzyzewski wins games. He’s a great humanitarian.” At that point his final brain cell committed seppuku, and two hours later, the following was caught on tape in his “hotel”.

ESPN plans on a brain transplant in time for Saturday night’s game between BC and the Tar Heels. Pray for the surgery’s success, the fate of college basketball rests on it. If not, ESPN will be forced to use Digger Phelps as their color commentator. Do you want to live in a world where Digger Phelps is trying to comment on Ty Lawson’s latest turnover while sniffing his highlighter and using his matching tie as a diaper? I don’t want to live in such a world, so you’d better hope Dickie V has a successful transplant.

Analysis of Virginia Tech 81, UNC 80 (OT): If I see Zabian Dowdell Shoot One More Free Throw, I’m Going To Choke A Dog

On Tuesday I was at the Dean Dome for what I expected to be a beatdown to avenge our 94-88 loss to the Hokies in Blacksburg. Virginia Tech is an excellent team, as proved by their 7-3 record in the ACC, most notably at home against the Tar Heels and at Cameron Indoor against the Dookies in January (you know, back when everyone still thought Duke was good), but UNC may be the most talented (if perhaps not the best) team in the nation. Surely, I thought, the talent of Virginia Tech would not be underestimated this time. Surely, I thought, Roy was prepared this time for Seth Greenberg’s subterfuge. Surely, I thought, holding Va. Tech to under 40% FG shooting would be enough for our offense. Surely, I thought, All-ACC candidate Zabian Dowdell wasn’t going to get 19 free chances at points (which MUST be some sort of Dean Dome record). Give huge credit to the Hokies, but I came away disappointed in how the Heels played, especially in the final minutes. Let’s move on to the analysis.

Pace of the Game:

UNC was fairly successful in getting the ball from the defensive side of the court to the offensive side quickly, but they had difficulty passing the ball well once they got there. In particular, the Heels frontcourt were rarely able to receive the ball in favorable situations. Lawson and Ellington shot 27 field goals compared to 17 for Hansbrough and Wright, who are normally the focal point of our offense. Psycho T may have had 22 points, but only 8 of them were from field goals, and of his 10 field goal attemts, only 6 of them were in the paint. It shocked me that with the game on the line and two Hokie players with four fouls, Wright was on the bench, UNC was playing 3 guards, and Ellington and Lawson were chucking up shots instead of feeding the ball inside.

Coaching: The North Carolina Tar Heels have by far the best fronycourt in the ACC, and likely the second best frontcourt in the NCAA (as of now, Florida has the best). UNC has three offensive possessions in the final two minutes of regulation. Does Tyler Hansbrough take a shot? No. Does Brandan Wright take a shot? No. Do Rayshawn Terry, Ty Lawson or Wayne Ellington attack the rim? No, no, and hell no! Out of those three possesssions, the best the Heels could muster were three missed 3-point attempts, two by Lawson and 1 by Ellington. Of our 10 final shots in regulation, 7 were 3-pointers (all missed) and 3 were 2-pointers (all made). Obviously this is bad execution, but blame has to be put on the coach for this one. The ball should have been in the big guys’ hands without exception. Roy even said it himself after the game.”I did absolutely the worst job I’ve ever done in my entire life. It was just one awful, awful job of coaching by me – that’s the bottom line of the whole thing,” coach said after trying to make a statement by defacating on the court (picture below) but realizing he hadn’t taken his fiber that day, frustrating him further.Note the look on Steve Robinson’s face.

Coach Roy is normally a very good coach, but his big weakness is that he is unable to make substantial change to his gameplan over the course of the game. Seth Greenberg knew this, and changed the way he played significantly from their last encounter. Dowdell gave Lawson fits on the offensive side of the ball the entire game, and the Wright and Hansbrough rarely got an open look the few times they did get the ball.

Considering that Roy turned practice into living hell after the last loss to the Hokies, maybe he and his staff should be doing a few laps in practice himself this week. And Quentin Thomas should supervise. Imagine what that would be like…

Quentin: Konichiwa, b—-es! Now you guys know what the consequences are for giving bad effort in a game, now don’t ya? (blows whistle) Gimme 20 laps around the court! And don’t waste my time!

Assistant Coach Joe Holladay: Man, I feel like I’m gonna collapse!

Q: You shoulda thought about that before telling Ty to take indiscriminate shots at the basket like PETA at Burger King!

(lap 9)

Assistant Coach Steve Robinson: Who turned off the AC in this place, man? I need to towel off, I’m sweatin’ like a pig.

Q: Why don’t you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

Coach Robinson: Isn’t that a little far?

Q: I’ll have you runnin’ all the way there unless you shut up, now get your bizz-utt movin’! (He’s from Oakland.)

Roy: Now, wait a second, I’ll do this little exercise, but you have to treat your coaches better than-

Q: You ‘gon hafta treat you PLAYERS better’n that! You want me to respect you? give me 15 minutes a game! Only giving me 1 against the Hokies? ONE M—–F—— MINUTE WHILE F—— LAWSON GETS 39?!?! WHAT THE F—!!!!!

Roy: Now, Quentin, you know I can’t do that for-


Roy: But I need some water!

Q: Aww, boo-f—ing-hoo, I’m dehydrated! Maybe you should’ve given some water to Hansbrough when he was gettin’ so tired, his free throws were airballs! Maybe you should’ve done that! Now keep running!
(After 15 laps, Q decides to go completely Prince, circa “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Story”.)

Q: This bores me…Is anyone up for a game of…basketball?

Roy: (exhausted) What the blankety blank do you mean? (Roy is a prude)

Q: How about you and your friends, versus me…and the Revolution? (points to Alex Stepheson, Rashanda McCants, Micki Free from Shalamar and some dude from the Ultimate Frisbee team)

Coaches: (All faint)

Q: Game…blouses.

In a completely unrelated story, today Quentin Thomas was released from the basketball team for undisclosed reasons and mysteriously tore his ACL in the shower of the team locker room.

Atmosphere: You can’t blame this one on the Dean Dome crowd. I was at the game, and the fans absolutely came alive Tuesday, and were the loudest I’ve seen them all season and in a long time. There were times where I was convinced that the crowd noise made the Hokies miss a few free throws in the second half. I was so into it that a couple of students I didn’t even know came to ask for a picture because I was “the best cheerer ever.” Oh, how I wish this was a joke. I take my role as a fan very seriously, and my fellow Tar Heel faithful have previously labeled as a “wine and cheese crowd”. But last night they were admirable. There were at least 15 instances where even the wealthy alumni stood up cheered for extended periods of time, something they’re often not inclined to do. (Believe when I say this, for a 60-year old alumnus, getting up every 2 minutes to stand up, yell and clap for 20 seconds qualifies as a workout).

Conclusion: All things considered, this was probably the best UNC game to watch all season, even though we came up short. This will undoubtedly serve as motivation as the Heels take on Boston on Saturday at Chestnut Hill. That could ultimately determine who wins the ACC championship.

One more thing: The referees were absolutely crap on Tuesday. They gave preferential treatment to Dowdell, and Lawson was probably fouled on the last play of the game. But UNC is a team that is supposed to be good enough not to leave games in the hands of referees. If they had fouled immediately on the preceding Va. Tech in-bound, Ellington’s shot would have counted. If the team had adjusted to the way the refs were calling the game, they wouldn’t have allowed as many free throws and UNC would have won by 8-10 in regulation. If Hansbrough and Wright had gotten the ball consistently instead of Ellington and Lawson chucking up so many shots, this wouldn’t have been close. Refs may have made a difference in this game, but UNC didn’t play well enough to win in the end. THE HOKIES WERE WHO WE THOUGHT WE WERE! THAT’S WHY WE TOOK THE DAMN COURT! IF YOU WANNA CROWN ‘EM, THEN CROWN THEIR ASS! BUT THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! AND WE LET ‘EM OFF THE HOOK!

#5 UNC vs. Wake: Annihilation Would Be an Understatement Part II, and A Peek Into Butch Davis’ Crystal Ball

As I said in my preview of Annihilation Part I, the Deacons have a very young team, and they must use their srop of young talent to keep their most important players (Kyle Visser, Ishmael Smith, and Michael Drum) fresh for 40 minutes if they want to leave the Dean Dome with their dignity intact. UNC beat Wake by 28 at Winston-Salem, and unless the Deacons are able to hit all of their shots, keep key players out of foul trouble, and impose their pace of the game, I don’t see this game being much different.

Make no mistake, UNC (21-3, 72 ACC) has big reasons to play well in this game, no the least of which is ACC position. Wake may be in an inferior opponent, but the Tar Heels need to win this game to keep pace with Boston College and Virginia (both 8-2 ACC). More importantly, the 1957 and 1982 National Championship teams are in the building. This team cannot let them down.

1:36 pm: Psycho T begins the scoring with 2 free throws. 2-0, UNC.

1:37 pm: Michael Jordan is in attendance in this game. The TV showed him, and Holy Crap! Whose idea was it to bring back the 70s plaid blazer?

1:39 pm: Both teams begin very sloppy before Lawson hits a deep three for the first FG of the game. 5-2, UNC. Before that both teams missed open layups.

1:40 pm: Visser hits a jumper for his first basket of the game, but Terry responds with an offensive rebound and a shot the just rolls in. 7-4, UNC.

1:41 pm: Wake is already in foul trouble, as Harvey Hale gets two quick fouls. Michael Drum (Wake) and UNC’s second team come in the game.

1:43 pm: The sloppiness continues as UNC is constantly committing turnovers, one of which leads to an easy Wake dunk. 7-6, UNC at the first TV timeout.

1:45 pm; Sylvia Hatchell is on ABC talking about the loss to Duke. The Duke women played an extremely good game on Thursday, especially on defense. I will give by belated full review later.

1:48 pm: OOOOHHHHHHH!!! Kyle Visser just got rejected from a wide open shot by Marcus Ginyard! YYEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!! That was awesome, seeing a 7-foot guy get stuffed by a 6-5 guy.

1:49 pm: Hansbrough makes a statement of his own, dunking with authority on the other end off a great pass by Lawson to make it 11-6, UNC.

1:50 pm: Neither team is playing especially well, giving away good opportunities.

Terry makes a great revers layup to make it 13-6, UNC.

1:52 pm: 15-8, UNC. Didn’t see those last two baskets. I was too distracted by MJ’s horrible suit. Sam Perkins, on the other hand, knows how to dress, with a pinstriped black blazer, a loose-collared withe shirt and dreadlocks. He’s looking sharp.


1:58 pm: 20-13, UNC. Wake finally hits a three, but Wright follows with a huge dunk. Good thing the Deacs didn;t foul him.

So far, this game is one giant turnover. Ironically, this favors the Heels.

2:00 pm: 20-16, UNC. Wes Miller and Quentin Thomas are in the game. Wake gets three points the hard way, but not before the refs changed their minds about five times.

2:02 pm: 21-20, Wake. UNC continues to turn the ball over, and a three and huge fast break dunk later, the Deacs have the lead on the road against the Heels.




WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How the hell did this happen? I think I’m going to need a moment to comprehend this.

2:06 pm: 25-23, UNC. WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! WHOOOOOOOO! The Heels are playing really well out of the TV timeout, passing the ball well, getting the ball inside (as Hansbrough gets another basket to amke it 27-23, UNC, and forcing Wake to take low-pecentage shots.

2:08 pm: 29-23, UNC. The Heels force another turnover, and Lawson is all alone on the other end.

2:10 pm: 32-25, UNC. Wake stops the bleeding, but Ellington gets three the hard way with the tough layup, as Michael Drum gets his third foul. Wake is now in deep foul trouble at that position.

2:11 pm: Hansbrough hits a nice baseline jumper to extend UNC’s lead to 9. He has been extending his shooting range this season quite nicely. I still want to see him drain a three though, like he did in in last year’s Duke game. That was one of my favorite moments of last season.

2:17 pm: 38-27, UNC. UNC has been to line alot more than Wake has in this game, which could end up being the difference in this game if Wake keeps it close enough. Lawson gets another nice layup in transition to make it 40-27.

2:19 pm: Terry hits a three to make it 43-29, UNC, and Ginyard hits another shot to extend the lead further. Since relenquishing their lead, UNC has outscored Wake 25-8 in the last six and a half minutes. Where was this against NC State?

2:23 pm: UNC absolutely storms into the locker room, outscoring Wake 31-11 to end the half with a 51-32 lead. If I were Skip Prosser, I would send one of the assistant coaches to get barbecue sandwiches at the concession stands, because they need a pick-me up right now.

2:43 pm: The second half begins. Let’s see how Wake changes their gameplan.

Immediately, Terry hits an open three to make it 54-32, UNC.

I saw the halftime ceremony of the 1957 and 1982 Championship teams. It was an awesome moment, but the radio and TV coverage botched most of it (by either not showing it or talking over it), and MJ could have used a different suit. Still, it was insanely awesome to see those teams together again, which for me was the first time, as I was not born when they won those championships.

2:46 pm: 57-35, UNC. Ellington gets three the hard way after Wake’s L.D. Williams makes another huge dunk. He can really showboat. Which reminds me, whatever happened to Ismail Muhammad? He was a huge dunker at Georgia Tech, and a great athlete who helped the Jackets get to the 2004 National Championship game. Yet after the 2005 season I never heard from him again. I must know what happened to him.

2:50 pm: 61-35, UNC. OOOHHHHHHHHH!!! UNC is really dominating this game now. Ellington gives an alley-oop to Wright. The Heels are scoring at will.

2:54 pm: 66-41, UNC. Upset watch: West Virginia leads #2 UCLA 60-55 late in the second half.

2:57 pm: 71-43, UNC. After another easy basket on the inside, Terry hits another tough shot in the paint, this time converting a three-point play.

3:00 pm: For me, it’s never too early to find out how our football recruits will fare in the coming year. I couldn’t wait for the spring game (as Bobby Frasor hits a three to make it 77-47 and Terry follows with one of his own), so I used EA Sports NCAA Football. I artificially created Marvin Austin, Tydreke Powell, Greg Little, Dwight Jones, Rashad Mason, Mike Paulus, Kevin Bryant, Ryan Houston, Da’Norris Searcy, and Quan Sturdivant (Wright dunks off a Frasor pass, 82-47), estimated their attributes based on their vitals (height, weight, 40 time), their ratings by Scout.com and ESPN, and put them to the test in an exhibition game (five minute quarters) versus a mid-major. (The opponent is from the WAC, they had a winning record in 2007, went to a bowl game and was NOT Boise State.) I will divulge the results later in the game.

3:06 pm: Wes Miller hits a wide open three, and UNC extends their lead to 38.

UPSET ALERT: West Virginia defeats UCLA, 70-65.

3:10 pm: 87-50, UNC. Seriously, Brandan Wright should just watch Tyler Hansbrough shoot free throws. He hasn’t missed in the last game and a half.

3:13 pm: Hansbrough makes another tough shot in the paint to make it 89-52, UNC. What else is new? Kyle Visser fouls out early.

3:15 pm: 93-57, UNC. Deon Thompson, Alex Stepheson, and Q are now in the game.

We Want Bis-Cuits! (clap-clap-clapclapclap) We Want Bis-Cuits! (clap-clap-clapclapclap)
3:19 pm: At halftime of Tar Heel Mania’s official Recriut Exhibition Game 2007, UNC leads 17-0. Mike Paulus has 13 rushing yars and is 8 of 18 passing for 131 yards and a touchdown pass to Greg Little, who has 2 reception for 43 yards. Dwight Jones leads all receivers with 53 yards. Ryan Houston has rushed the ball four times for 30 yards, including a 23 yard run near the end of the half, and 22 yards receiving. The defense has dominates the line of scrimmage, allowing only 4 yards of offense on 10 offensive plays, including a sack on the opening drive by Marvin Austin.
3:28 pm: 100-63, UNC. WE GOT BIS-CUITS! WHOOOOOOO!!!! Wes Miller delivers the artery-clogging three that clinches it. Dewey Burke and Surry Wood are now in the game, and I saw Roy smile for the first time in a while. The only thing that can make this better is Q hitting a halfcourt shot.
3:35 pm: Mercifully, the game ends for Wake Forest, as UNC wins 104-67. Complete and utter domination is the only way I can possibly describe this game.
3:45 pm: In the first (virtual) exhibition game for UNC’s 2007 recruits, the Tar Heels won 31-10 over their WAC opponent. Ryan Houston was the player of the game, carrying the ball 9 times for 95 yards and both of UNC’s third quarter touchdowns, to go with his 22 yards receiving. Mike Paulus completed 10 of his 22 passes for 157 yards and a touchdown, and also ran for a touchdown. Paulus was never sacked in the game thanks in part to Kevin Bryant’s four pancake blocks. The three freshman receivers (Little, Jones, and Mason) finished with 6 receptions 116 yards, and 1 TD. The defense allowed a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, but by then the game had been decided. The defense allowed 187 yards and recorded 2 interceptions and three sacks, two of which were by Marvin Austin. Overall, the new freshman class played excellent in this game, and played a major role is leading the team to a decisive victory. This was a mid-major, however, and it is unlikely that they would fare as well versus a conference opponent such as Virginia Tech. Still, if this is any indication of how these players will perform in real life (and with my experience in EA Sports NCAA Football, I vastly overestimate my team’s ability) the 2007 season should be a welcome relief from last year’s nightmare.

Live Blog of UNC vs. Duke: Enough Said.

(Note: This is the Feb. 7, 2007 matchup between Duke and UNC. If you are looking for the March 4, 2007 matchup, click here.)

I don’t even need to tell you how big UNC vs. Duke is. It’s public vs. private, neighbor vs. neighbor, light vs. dark, good vs. evil, the entire state of North Carolina vs. The entire state of New Jersey plus a small enclave in Durham. This is gonna be huge. There’s only one problem: I live in Chapel Hill. Which isn’t a problem, because it’s blue heaven on earth. It’s just that the game will be on the local CBS affiliate, so I won’t be able to see it on ESPN, which means no Dick Vitale (who is the only person who can love UNC and Duke at the same time and get away with it, by the way). It will still be awesome, though.

Both teams will need to take care of the basket ball, play good defense, and crash the boards, but this will come down to two individual matchups:

  • Ty Lawson vs. Greg Paulus. The importance of the point guard will be magnified in this game. Lawson will try to speed the pace of the game, directly attack Paulus and get him into foul trouble. It will be Paulus’s job to prevent turnovers and slow the pace of the game to a screeching halt.
  • Brandan Wright vs. Brian Zoubek and Lance Thomas. McRoberts will be assigned to Hansbrough, and the rest of the Duke team is pretty small, so someone will need to step up and play against the likes of Wright, Thompson and Stepheson. Those people will be Brian Zoubek and Lance Thomas, neither of which average more than 16 minutes a game.

Let’s get it on!

9:05 pm: The game starts ominously. Dook wins the tip, UNC starts with an offensive foul, and Paulus draws first blood with a three. Brandan Wright scores on the other end off n offensive rebound. 3-2, Dook.

9:08 pm: Gerald Henderson scores for the Dookies, and Paulus follows to take a 7-2 lead.

9:09 pm: Danny Green gets an easy basket, but Jon Scheyer gets a three of his own to make it 10-4, Dook.

9:10 pm: Green gets another basket off a rebound, but Henderson hits another three to make it 13-6, Dook. Henderson is supposed to be Wayne’s Ellington’s friend and peer. So why has he only hit 4 trifectas coming into this game?

9:11 pm: Dook steals the ball and Scheyer finishes. 15-6, Dook. UNC need to attack more. The Dookies are acting, the Heels are reacting. This can’t continue.

9:14 pm: Thompson, Frasor, Stepheson and Ellington are in. They score two quick baskets, the last by Ellington. 15-10, Dook.

9:16 pm: Demarcus Nelson gets an easy basket on the other end to make it 17-10, Duke.

9:17 pm: Lawson tips in a basket to cut the lead to 5, but the Heels defense remains in a malaise and allows two straight baskets to make it 21-12, Dook. The Dookies have converted 75% of their FGs so far.

9:21 pm: This game is really starting to get intense. First Hansbrough fights among 4 Dookies for the ball and gets a cut on his forehead. Then Terry and Zoubek fight for a rebound and almost start a fight.

9:24 pm: I thought that Dook would try to slow the game down. instead they are playing UNC’s uptempo game and winning. It’s like, reverse psychology or something. Ginyard shoots free throws to make it 21-14, Dook.


9:27 pm: UNC’s defense finally wakes up, and Wright gets a huge dunk in transition. 21-16, Dook.

Henderson then gets a three point play against his friend Ellington.Terry hits a three to bring it down to 24-19 at the half’s halfway mark.

9:28 pm: UNC is finally running its transition well, and it shows. Psycho T gets a huge dunk against the mismatched David McClure. Seriously, what is McClure doing guarding Hansbrough?

9:29 pm: 26-21, Dook. Paulus is on fire. Lawson needs to stop him.

9:30 pm: Deon Thompson plays great defense. He just stopped two surefire baskets by the Dookies.

9:32 pm: Just as I praise him, he gets a technical. Ugh. 28-21, Dook.

9:33 pm: How does Scheyer keep getting open? Every time I see him, he’s taking a wide open shot. It’s a good thing his shots aren’t falling.

9:37 pm: Hansbrough gets a nice steal, but can’t convert on the offensive end. Since is Ginyard allowed to shoot the three?

Zoubek has played more in this game has his season average, and it’s not yet halftime.

9:39 pm: Psycho T gets a nice basket inside, and Lawson finally drives inside. 30-25, Dook. NUC is keeping it close, but keeping it close isn’t enough.

9:40 pm: Scheyer is open AGAIN! and he finally hits one. Ellington promptly follows with an airball. Neither big man for the Heels has touched the ball in a while.

9:42 pm: Scheyer gets a layup off a putback as the Heels forget that they’re playing basketball for a split second. 35-25, Dook. WTF?

9:45 pm: Wright finally gets the ball, and knows what to do with it. 35-27, Dook. Still unacceptable. The forwards need to get the ball more. The key to winning this game lies in Hansbrough and Wright. How can we win if they don’t get the ball? It’s not like we’re at home against Florida Atlantic.

9:47 pm: Again Wright gets the ball, and again it pays off. 37-29, Dook.

9:48 pm: Quentin Thomas is in the game for the Heels. Let’s see how he plays Paulus.

9:49 pm: Q immediately attacks the Dookies, and dishes it to Terry who hits a three. 37-32, Dook.

9:50 pm: Wayne Ellington is trying to do WAY too much by himself.

What, you’re pulling Q already? UNC looked really good when he was on the court! Why mess with that?

9:51 pm: Ginyard hits a floater in the paint at the end of the half. At the end of the first half, UNC trails the Dookies, 39-34. UNC was really beginning to play well at the end of the first half. There is still room for improvement, we need to see more of that. It seems that the initial shock of the game has worn off. However, it’s no excuse what has happened so far. They still aren’t crashing the boards well enough, and Scheyer is still getting way too many open looks. UNC needs to shut him down.

10:00 pm: SOCCER UPDATE (if you’re into that stuff): USA0, Mexico 0 (international friendly).

10:08 pm: The second half begins the same way the first half did: with Paulus hitting a two point shot. Wright follows with a dunk on the other end. 41-36, Dook.

10:09 pm: Scheyer is left open AGAIN and hits a three, and Henderson follows with a steal and dunk. Wright stops the bleeding, but it’s 46-38 for the Dookies. What is UNC doing?

10:12 pm: 48-38, Dook. UNC is not getting to the boards. At all. Hansbrough has yet ro record his first rebound.

10:13 pm: 50-40, Dook. Lawson finally takes advantage of a turnover, but Nelson is allowed to the basket again. Wright is playing absolutely no defense. Frasor and Ginyard are in the game, Wright is out after hitting 1 of 2 free throws.

10:15 pm: 50-41, Dook. How is Dook getting every rebound? How? How? HOW?!?!?!?!?!?

10:17 pm: No bizarre ads so far. That in itself is bizarre. So I’ll provide one for you.

10:19 pm: This is getting so bad, Terry just missed a dunk. Strange things, very strange things are afoot at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

10:21 pm: 50-43, Dook. Hansbrough draws McRoberts’ third foul. If the inside players are in foul trouble for Dook, UNC can come back very quickly.

10:23 pm: We need to really step up on defense. If Scheyer and Paulus keep getting open looks, we can’t win.

10:24 pm: Goaltending is called on Henderson, and the score is now 50-43, UNC.

Isn’t is surreal that this is the best college game of the year, and 7 of the 10 guys on the court playing the game are white guys? Count them: Paulus, McRoberts, Zoubek, Scheyer, Frasor, Wes Miller and Hansbrough.

10:29 pm: Uh-oh. Now Hansbrough picks up his third foul. Not good.

10:30 pm: McRoberts just picked up his fourth foul with 12 minutes still to play. If Duke holds on, Zoubek will be worshipped on campus for about a week.

10:32 pm: 50-47, Dook. Hansbrough takes immediate advantage of McRoberts’ absence.

10:34 pm: 52-50, Dook: Hansbrough is triple teamed, but he passes it to a wide open Wes Miller. McClure is hurt for Dook. UNC is now in position to take this game.

10:36 pm: Hansbrough ties the game with a nice jumper. 52-52. With nine minutes left, McRoberts is coming back in.

10:37 pm: 54-52, Dook. Scheyer gets another open shot.

10:38 pm: McDouche make three unbelievable defensive plays without fouling out. Insane.

10:39 pm: Wright ties the game, but Scheyer is left open yet again to make it 57-54, Dook. He has 22 now. It’s like the same white three point shooter at Duke is kept in spirit, it simply occupies the bodies of Mike Dunleavy, Christian Laettner and J.J. Redick, and must occupy a white shooting guard.

10:40 pm: SOCCER UPDATE: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL! De Jimmy Conraaaaaaaaad! Un gran cabezazo de Jimmy Conrad despues del tiro de esquina, el arquero no pudo hacer nada, y los Estados Unidos estan ganando contra Mexico, uno a cerooohhh. Un golazo, Si! (Soccer is so much more exciting in Spanish, I think you agree.)
10:43 pm: Scheyer misses two free throws, and Terry gets an easy bucket on the other end. 58-56, Dook.
10:45 pm: Wright gets another good look, and this time his hookshot ties the game at 58-58.

10:46 pm: 60-60. UNC and Dook exchange blows by Lawson and Henderson.

10:47 pm: Henderson is called for goaltending again, and UNC now leads, 62-60 with five minutes left! WHOOOOOOOO!!

10:48 pm: Brendan Wright gets another basket to give UNC a 64-60 lead. If the Heels manage to extend the lead, Dook may not have the gas to catch up at this point.

10:50 pm: Henderson makes an unbelievable play in the paint to reduce the lead to 64-63, UNC. Nelson is now on the line with the chance to take the lead. I just had to open my trap, didn’t I?

10:54 pm: 64-63, UNC. Nelson misses his free throws.

Dude! There’s a UNC fan in the front row! How did that happen? Hansbrough hits a shot in the paint to make it 66-63, UNC. Terry travels on his next possession Where’s his head at?

10:56 pm: Dook turns the ball over, and Scheyer picks up his fourth foul. Wes Miller hits 1 of 2 free throws to make it 67-63, UNC.

10:57 pm: This is a really, really, really bad time for Tyler Hansbrough to lose his contact lens.

10:58 pm: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! Lawson drives to the basket, gets the hoop AND the foul! 70-63, UNC! WHOOOOOO!!!!

11:00 pm: 70-66, UNC. AAAHHHH!!! What is Ty Lawson doing? Scheyer gets a basket again!

11:01 pm: 72-68, UNC. Lawson and McRoberts exchange baskets. McRoberts’ shot was after three attempts. There are 37 seconds left. Duke may need to foul. They do foul and Scheyer fouls out. This is huge, because now the Dookies don’t have their biggest perimeter threat. He made a valiant effort scoring 26 points and single-handedly keeping Duke in this game. Hansbrough hits hits free throws, and UNC now leads 74-68.

11:05 pm: How is McRoberts still in this game? How? How did he not foul out by now? Nelson gets the basket to make it 74-70, UNC.

11:07 pm: The dream pretty much ends as Hansbrough rejects Paulus’ shot and gets the ball back. He is fouled and hits his free throws to give UNC a 77-70 lead with 12.8 seconds left.

11:09 pm: 77-73, UNC. Nelson hits a three, but is it too little, too late? You have to give the Dookies credit; they haven’t quit yet.

11:12 pm: The game goes final: UNC WINS, 79-73! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is an awesome game, another instant classic from this rivalry. Duke gave us all we could ask and more in this game, and who knows? a couple of free throws here and there and this game goes the other way. UNC really had to dig themselves out of a hole, and I believe this is the first time this season that we have successfully recovered from a double-digit deficit to win a game (except maybe the Ohio State game). I think that if Duke was a deeper team, we would have lost this game. We made a great effort to win, but I think at some point Duke just ran out of gas. But that doesn’t make this victory any less awesome. WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Bring on the party on Franklin Street!

So ends round 1 of the doubleheader. I’ll be at Carmichael Auditorium tomorrow night for round 2.

Oh, and one more thing…


UNC Signing Day Live Blog

As if this week wasn’t big enough in North Carolina (the two UNC-Dook games), today is football signing day, Butch Davis’s first. Believe it or not Bunting was able to bring good recruiting classes. If only he could coach himself out of paper bag. You can go to Tar Heel Blue to watch Signing Day Live, but you have to pay five bucks. My blog is free.

8:26 am: Current List of Major signings: QB Mike Paulus, RB/OLB Da’Norris Searcy, MLB Quan Sturdivant, RB Ryan Houston, and Zack Pianalto (who, ironically, is from Mitch Mustain’s hometown of Springdale, Arkansas). Take that, SEC!

8:30 am: Carolina Signing Day Live just interviewed Offensive Line Coach Sam Pittman. One of the most awkward interviews ever. They asked if he could play guitar. He said he could play Skynyrd. First of all, no you cn’t. Second, we don’t want to hear about your guitar skills (unless they are truly awesome). We want to know how your blocking schemes are going to get the Heels their first 1,000 yard rusher since Mack Brown bolted for Texas.

8:35 am: UNC just signed Devon Ramsey, from Lawrenceville, N.J. Apparently he played three positions in high school: RB, DT and CB. That’s what we need, a running back who isn’t afraid of contact.

8:40 am: We are going to have three QBs vying for position in 2007 (Joe Dailey, Cam Sexton and Mike Paulus). And they are all going to suck.

8:55 am: Coach Davis is being interviewed right now. So far, he just been making the usual talking points, as well as intermittently giving backhanded complements to John Bunting, which is known in my house as “smilef—ing”.

8:59 am: Carolina just signed Tydreke Powell, a DT from Ahoskie, NC, and on of the top 10 DTs in the country. He was a teammate of Aleric Mullins, another highly touted DT who signed with UNC last year.

9:02 am: UNC just signed Cam Holland, an OL from Pittsburgh. Butch Davis just talked about his aggressive style of blocking. He’s said that about 300 other lineman, knowing his line of work.

9:07 am: Whenever I load a new page, the connection with Tar Heel Blue keeps breaking up. I think I’m missing a lot of the juicy bits. And to think I paid five bucks for this. I think I’ve been smilef—ed by Tar Heel Blue.
9:10 am: Good lord. The two commentators for UNC assigned to Signing Day have perhaps the Dorkiest outfits ever. I know the basketball shorts have argyle accents, but that doesn’t mean your sweater!

UNC’s last recruit of the morning was Matt Merletti, from Cleveland, OH. The biggest recruit we’re pursuing, and the #1 ranked DT in the nation, is still on the board-Marvin Austin from DC. If he signs, you’ll see it here second, but you’ll see it here for free first!

9:36 pm: Perhaps the key to landing Marvin Austin will be in landing LB Romale Tucker. He’s a teammate of Austin in DC, and is considering three of the same schools (Illinois, Maryland, and UNC). If Tucker signs with coach Davis, then the big fella might follow suit. I know that is an insane piece of logic, but this is an insane blog. Therefore the argument holds water.

9:55 am: Recruiting all of the players is an accomplishment, but getting them to get their asses off the bench and play well as a team is a challenge in itself, as shown by this team building exercise.

11:00 am: There has been a lull in coverage over the last hour or so, but here is a list of the major recruits who have committed so far:

  • QB Mike Paulus, Syracuse, NY (****)
  • RB Ryan Houston, Matthews, NC (****)
  • RB Zack Pianalto, Springdale, AR (****): SEC got nuthin’ on us!
  • WR Dwight Jones (****)
  • WR Rashad Mason (****)
  • DT Tydreke Powell (****)
  • LB Da’Norris Searcy (****)
  • LB Quan Sturdivant (****)
  • FB Devon Ramsey (***)
  • OG Mike Dykes (***)
  • DE Linwan Euwell (***)
  • LB Albert Craddock (***)

DT Marvin Austin is still on the board, as are major prospects DE Kourtnei Brown, QB Billy Bob Orsagh, and OT Kevin Bryant.

11:24 am: Just looked at the film of RB Ryan Houston. He had over 2,000 rushing yards and 32 touchdowns in his Senior year. He is both very fast and very strong. My big concern is whether or not he will be able to hit points of attack decisively, at least early in his career.

11:42 am: The Heels signed Offensive Tackle Carl Gaskins from Melbourne, Fl. Another recruit we stole from SEC territory.

12:18 pm: The Tar Heels sign WR prospect Greg Little (****) from Hillside in Durham, NC.


12:23 pm: Signing Day Live is showing film of Wide Receiver Dwight Jones. With his size (6-5, 210) and speed, he looks a little like Terrel Owens on the field. Hope he doesn’t remind us of T.O. off the field. Rashad Mason is just as big, and he can really jump. This is a huge asset for a an inaccurate QB (see Dailey, Sexton).

12:40 pm: UPDATE: Charlotte prospect DE Kourtnei Brown has committed to Clemson, and Fort Lauderdale DE Antoine Carter committed to Auburn. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

12:43 pm: We haven’t had consistent success since Mack Brown’s last year. Coach Torbush’s teams had good defense but terrible offense. During the early Bunting years (2002-2004) we had a very good offense (led by UNC best QB ever, Darian Durant) and a porous defense. only during 2001 did we put both together enough to play well, and in 2006 we were among the worst on both sides of the ball. Butch Davis is going to have his hands full.

12:47 pm: YES! YES YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! WE GOT MARVIN AUSTIN! WE GOT MARVIN AUSTIN! The best defensive lineman in the country is coming to Chapel Hill! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Cue the band!

12:56 pm: I still can’t believe that we landed the #1 defensive lineman in the country. What’s more amazing is that he turned down the likes of Florida State, LSU, USC, and Tennessee. Sorry, Loser With Socks, but he’s ours. More on Marvin Austin a little later.

1:05 pm: Adam Lucas is one of Tar Heel Blue columnists, and he is one of the guys covering signing day. He looks extremely uncomfortable in fromt of the camera. He seriously has the body language of someone who wishes that he didn’t have a neck.

1:12 pm: UNC signed 375 pound offensive lineman Kevin Bryant. Adam Lucas said that UNC justified recruiting him because of his dancing ability. What has this world come to when we determine which offensive lineman we recruit based on which one gets served?

The Butch Davis Press conference is at 4:00. The live blog of Signing Day will resume then.

3:55 pm: According to Scout.com, UNC’s recruiting class is ranked #15, 3rd in the ACC and ahead of the likes of Ohio State, Georgia, West Virginia and Oklahoma. How is it possible for our recruiting class to be ahead of Ohio State?!? It must be that Butch Davis will also wear a sweater vest on the sidelines. That has to be it.

Here is the “final” list of recruits committed to UNC.

4:20 pm: Unfortunately, the local networks aren’t showing the press conference anywhere on TV. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much. Most coaches act like politicians in these press conferences.

Needless to say I am very excited about football season. I want to see what our defensinve line will be like, anchored by Marvin Austin, Tydreke Powell and Aleric Mullins. I want to see how good the passing game is going to be with Greg Little, Dwight Jones and Hakeem Nicks, no matter who is throwing the ball. I am REALLY looking forward to football season. Maybe now the Heels football team will stop sucking.

But now there are more important matters, namely the UNC-Dook Men’s and Women’s basketball doubleheader. Look forward to the live blog tonight; on Thursday I will be attending the game, and I don’t have a press pass (yet), so I will provide a review after the game. But man, football season can’t come soon enough.