UNC Men vs. Maryland Live Blog: Who is Mike Jones?

This game is about to start just as the UNC-Duke Women’s game is getting interesting. Doing them both simultaneously, even if for half an hour, will be hard. It looks like Maryland’s tourney hopes are safe, as they will most likely finish .500 or better in the ACC. But They still need a signature win, and UNC would certainly fit the bill if they can pull it off.

5:35 pm: Turtles are cold-blooded animals, and thus will not survive in the snow of Maryland tonight.

5:40 pm: 2-0, UNC. Hansbrough opens the scoring for UNC. There is no stopping him when he’s in position.

5:41 pm: Rayshawn Terry always gets himself injured in a game. This time, he hits his fingers against the backboard. Nothing you can do about it, but it’s still like, his 10th mini-injury of the season.

5:46 pm: 10-3, UNC. Wow. A lot can happen in five minutes. This could get ugly.

5:47 pm: The Comcast Center’s most interesting feature is the “the wall”. The seats behind the opponent’s basket are all on one plane in a 35 degree incline, creating the illusion of a wall of fans looking down upon the opposing players. I understand that it can be pretty intimidating. It will be interesting to see what kind of role it plays in the second half.

6:01 pm: 24-11, UNC. UNC is absolutely dominating this game. Frasor just hit a three. Don’t ask me how, I’ve been watching the other game.

6:11 pm: 30-21, UNC. Now thatthe women’s game is over, I can finally focus my attention to the dudes.

6:13 pm: 34-29, UNC. This game is happening at such a fast pace, I can barely keep up. UNC is playing really bad defense right now, and Maryland keeps getting easy shots inside.

6:15 pm: 34-32, UNC. Maryland brings it to within two thanks to three the hard way by D.J. Strawberry off an unbelievable pass by Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones!

6:17 pm: 37-34, UNC. Just as the Terps have all the momentum, Wes Miller comes in and sinks the three.

6:18 pm: 39-36, UNC. Lawson hits an off-balance jumper, but Ibekwe gets an easy basket inside on the next possession.

6:22 pm: 41-36, UNC. Danny Green makes an easy layup off a Brandan Wright rejection on the other end.

6:24 pm: 44-38, UNC. How does Maryland not know that Wes Miller is going to shoot that every time?

The announcer was very observant about the crowd. They have been enigmatic, in and out of it today. FSN may have the best commentators. Not a lot of fluff, just good commentators. The kind of coverage that I crave, but also makes me sleepy.

6:28 pm: The first half ends, with UNC holding on to a 44-41 lead. Honestly, I didn’t see enough to give a full critique of the first half (watching the end of the UNC-Dook women’s game), but it looked like UNC was struggling because they seemed to shift in and out of focus. They need to play better defense and clean the glass to keep their lead in the second half. Maryland is one of the few teams whom I see can run with the Heels.

6:38 pm: Video evidence of perhaps the only situation where Hooters and Dick do not go well together.

6:45 pm: The ball is stolen by Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! and UNC is very lucky that he missed the layup.

6:46 pm: 48-42, UNC. Hansbrough gets two consecutive easy baskets inside. The Maryland crowd is shockingly quiet at the beginning of the half.

6:47 pm: 48-46, UNC. D.J. Strawberry is an insane athlete. He just made the drive to the basket between Terry and Hansbrough look easy. What was Wright doing on that play?

6:49 pm: 52-48, UNC. Just as Maryland makes a great play to tie the game, Wright and Hansbrough get two easy shots on two straight possessions.

6:50 pm: 52-52. Wow. This game is going at an extremely fast pace. Maryland gets two quick baskets to tie the game in 35 seconds, the second one off of a big block by Ibekwe.

6:53 pm: Oh no! BRANDAN WRIGHT IS SHOOTING FREE THROWS! AAHHHHHHHH!!!! MY EYYYYYEEESSSSSS!!! Fortunately, he can dunk it. 54-52, UNC.

6:55 pm: 56-52, UNC. Green gets an easy layup off a rebound and pass by Marcus Ginyard.

I simply can’t get over how well Bambale Osby is playing today. Or his hair.

6:56 pm: 60-53, UNC. Hansbrough shows his range with a 15 foot jumpshot. Frasor follows it with a nice midrange shot of his own. The Tar Heels seem to have the momentum right now.

7:01 pm: 62-57, UNC. Maryland gets to within 5 thanks to another basket by Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Hansbrough has continued to play like the beast that he is on the offensive end in the second half.

7:05 pm: 64-57, UNC. If there were a Bojangles in the DC area, I would start chanting for biscuits about now.

7:06 pm: 69-59, UNC. Osby makes another shot to keep it close, but Lawson’s three extends the Tar heel lead to double digits.

I like Osby. He and his afro can become the next Ben Wallace.

7:07 pm: 73-61, UNC. Psycho T robs Osby blind and dunks it on the other end. He now has 19 points in the game, and UNC could be on pace to hit the century mark.

7:10 pm: 75-65, UNC. Vasquez brings the Terps deficit to within 10, but Ibekwe has four fouls.

The Heels seem to have no problem scaling “the wall” tonight.

7:14 pm: The Terps student section has broken out the hypnotic spirals for free throw shooting, and they seem to have fazed Alex Stepheson.

7:16 pm: 77-67, UNC. Frasor, Gunyard, and Wes Miller are in the game. Frasor misses an easy layup, and Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! hits a three to bring the lead down to 77-70.

7:17 pm: 77-73, UNC. Strawberry is very sour for me right now. He just hit a three to cut the deficit to four after an Ellington miss. No Stairway? Denied!

7:18 pm: 79-75, UNC. Tyler Hansbrough is an unstoppable force. There is simply no other way to say it.

Mike Jones will make sure you know who he is by the time this game is over. Back then, they didn’t want me; now I’m hot, they all own me.

7:22 pm: 80-77, UNC. Nothing scares the crap out of me more than a sweaty, pissed off Gary Williams. The Terps are now within one possession in this game with less than four minutes left.

7:26 pm: 81-80, UMD, 2:45 left. Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! I am really scared now.

7:28 pm: 82-81, UNC, 1:55 left. UNC gets a very lucky bounce, as their shot clangs in.

7:29 pm: 85-84, UMD, 1:26 left. Maryland simply cannot be stopped right now.

7:32 pm: 89-84, UMD, :55 left. UNC is taking bad shots, and Maryland is suddenly outhustling Hansbrough for the ball inside.


7:34 pm: 89-87, UMD, :18 left. UNC manages to force a turnover, jarring the ball out of a driving guard without fouling. UNC will now have the ball with a chance to tie.

7:36 pm: 89-87, UMD, :04 left. UNC’s hopes lie in the free throw shooting of Brandan Wright. And naturally he misses his first shot. If karma is any indication, Wright will make his next free throw while trying to miss. AHHHHHHHHH!!! MY EYYYYYYYEEESSSSSS!!!

7:38 pm: Wright misses like he should but Hansbrough is unable to control the rebound, and Maryland wins 89-87. I am just completely speechless. How is UNC outscored 24-10 in the final minutes of the game? How do the Tar heels allow that to happen. I give huge credit to Maryland, who played a great game, but I was very surprised to see that in the closing minutes, Maryland played more physical in the paint that Wright and Hansbrough did, which I thought was impossible. UNC also only made four free throws in the second half of the game, something that simply cannot happen if they want to keep a lead down the stretch. Maybe “the wall” and the hypnotic spiral did make a difference. But Maryland is going to be one of the most dangerous teams in the NCAA tournament. You have to be very good to recover from a double digit second half deficit to beat a team like North Carolina. This UNC team is much better than they’re playing. We cannot underachieve like this in March if we want to go to Atlanta.

Update: You know I couldn’t leave you without a Mike Jones video.

3 Responses to “UNC Men vs. Maryland Live Blog: Who is Mike Jones?”

  1. ACC Women’s Tournament: UNC vs. Maryland Live Blog « Tar Heel Mania Says:

    […] ACC Women’s Tournament: UNC vs. Maryland Live Blog March 3, 2007 at 4:00 pm | In Women’s Basketball, Carolina, Tar Heel posts, Greensboro Coliseum, Ivory Latta, UNC, ACC, College Basketball, Basketball, Rivalry, Maryland, NCAA, Home | Today the Lady Tar Heels face the Maryland Terrapins in the ACC Women’s Tournament semifinals. In their first matchup, UNC dominated for the first 28 minutes, but Maryland stormed back, and the Heels needed all of their effort to hold on in from of the largest crowd ever to see a women’s ACC regular season game. Because of Duke’s dominance in the ACC regular season, this game has considerably less hype, but a #1 seed is one the line for each team, and such a seed would be out of reach for the loser, and would probably mean playing most of the tournament far away from home. Consider also that they both want another shot at the Dookies, and this game is going to be very, very intense. At least today I don;t have to worry about Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! […]

  2. Lee Luciano Says:

    This is who Mike Jones is (you might know more about him, Gary blew this guys college career. Hopefully he can impress the NBA somehow, cause this guys is special)….

    Below is a response to an aritcle by Heather Dinich of the Baltimore Sun that I found. Finally someone makes sense of what I have been saying all along about Mike Jones wasted potential by sitting on the bench.
    Re Article:Terps’ Jones grows into senior moment

    Was thrilled to finally see an article about Mike Jones, but your article is full of the same knocks and digs that have been so common throughout Mike’s career. Even my mother said of your article,“It’s damning with faint praise!” How right she is. The press and Gary Williams have waxed and gushed over the stellar play of other Terps, but when Mike is complimented there’s often a sharp barb attached.

    Here’s an example of the kind of barbed praise Mike receives:”Only recently has Jones become more consistent.” We’ve heard the consistency critique for years. But isn’t it difficult, if not impossible, to become a consistent, complete player when you’re on the bench? People forget that Jones was on the bench for most of his first two and a half years at Maryland. Very few people asked the question,”Why did Gary play a 5-star recruit only 10 minutes a game as a freshman?” Oh, that’s right, because he “couldn’t play defense,” the coach and critics said. As a sophomore, Mike only averaged 13.7 minutes a game. The bottom line: it’s very difficult for a player of such high caliber to demonstrate his excellence when the coach decides he’s better as a bench warmer than a sharp shooter.

    And how about this “praise” for Jones:“It just happened to take about three years to develop” his game. This is one of Gary’s favorite lines these days. It’s good of you to parrot it. But analyze the stats, particularly Mike’s playing time. When McCray flunked out last season, Mike finally started to get some real game time. That’s how players develop. Unfortunately, Mike has been on such a short leash with Gary. Even in his senior season, Gary still plays him like a yo-yo. He’s often in and out, in and out of the games. If he takes a bad shot or commits a turnover, he’s often yanked. So everyone speaks of how his numbers (particularly his points) are up and down and inconsistent.

    When Mike gets the playing time he contributes. In the 19 games this season (as of March 4) that Mike played 25+ minutes, he averaged 15.4 points. Hardly a shabby stat, considering we play in arguably the best conference! By comparison, in the 26 games that Strawberry played 25+ minutes, he averaged 15.0 points. Better yet, in the 12 games that Mike played 28+ minutes, he averaged 16.8 points per game! This doesn’t include his 29 point performance against Mount St. Mary’s, or his 27 point performance against UMKC. It may come as no surprise that DJ has played well over 30 minutes in most of the games this season, and for a good chunk of his career. In fact, he’s played 30+ minutes in ALL but 8 games this season. Mike, on the other hand, has played 30+ minutes in ONLY 6 games this season. If Mike had been getting this kind of playing time consistently throughout his career, his numbers would be through the roof.”Still, his career numbers at Maryland are a far cry from what earned him the title of McDonald’s All-American,” you write. You mention how he averaged 8.9 points in 124 games. Now after the NC State game, it’s 9.0 points in 125 games. But you fail to mention how our McDonald’s All-American (as of March 4) averaged ONLY 18.3 minutes per game over his entire career at Maryland! The fact that Mike was able to score 9 points for every 18 minutes of play is remarkable. Imagine what he could have done if he’d played 30+ minutes a game.

    As for Mike’s inconsistency, following the NC State game he has more career points (1127) than even DJ (1093), DESPITE having played almost 600 fewer minutes! How inconsistent of him to lead this group of seniors at the end of the regular season with the MOST CAREER POINTS. If Mike had been given the kinds of minutes reserved for Gary’s favorite players, he would have broken record after record. And rather than criticize his so-called inconsistency and late blooming, we’d be talking about his prospects in the NBA draft.

  3. kadlyrabSmada Says:

    Anyone know any other instant hypnosis tricks explained here


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