Video and Photos: Gerald Henderson’s Elbow on Tyler Hansbrough

Thanks to the forum at Inside Carolina for both the photo and the video of the play (url if link doesn’t work:, requires Windows media Player, WARNING: explicit commentary). To think, I was almost brainwashed by Billy Packer into thinking it was completely unintentional. Now, Henderson may not have meant to bloody his nose. But undoubtedly there was some intent; he definitely meant to foul Hansbrough hard.

This is a great picture with caption from Today’s ACC Headlines (3/6). If Billy Packer was covering this game in Cameron Indoor, he may have said this.


Even the Dook player (#5, left) is shocked and cringing at the whole thing.


You have to thank Dewey Burke (right) for preventing Psycho T from going completely postal.


Here’s a photo of Henderson leaving. My favorite part is the look on Wojo’s face (left).


UPDATE (3/5): Okay, now that WordPress will finally let me edit, I also have a YouTube video of the clip (for some reason the other video link isn’t working):

UPDATE (3/7): The most important part of this story is that Tyler Hansbrough is going to be okay. It appears that he’s moved on from the entire incident, and frankly, so should we.


47 Responses to “Video and Photos: Gerald Henderson’s Elbow on Tyler Hansbrough”

  1. Russell Says:

    Billy Packer is blinded by the anticipated loss of Henderson and how Dook will be affected in the ACC Tourney. After insulting all who watched the game, how could Packer defend Henderson of committing an obvious assault. Unbelievable!!! Packer sucks!

  2. Mike White Says:

    Calm down. Billy Packer may has his head up his rectum. However, said rectum does not have any allegiance to a particular team…except maybe Wake Forest, his alma mater. The rectum’s alma mater, not Billy. Announcers ride the special bus!

  3. scottmckenzie Says:

    It would have been nice to see Big T let out a little rage.

  4. Mike White Says:

    I wanted to put in a YouTube clip this morning, but suddenly WordPress won’t let me edit this post. That’s bull! Oh, well, I’ll just have to put it here:

  5. Duke-UNC Flagrant Foul Video « Loser with Socks Says:

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  6. Jonathan Says:

    If “pyscho T” really wanted to do something, he would have and dewey couldnt have stopped him. let’s not be foolish.

  7. glenn petty Says:

    Here’s our take at

    We are decidely pro-UNC — I’m married to a whole family of ’em! And very obviously anti-Duke — we just make fun of everybody else as you will see if you check out the blog. Feel free to add us to your list! We’d be honored.

  8. Grant Says:

    That was clearly intentional.You don’t just come up and pop an elbow at someones face.Henderson was frustrated and did on purpose.Tyler is tough and I have met him. I live in his hometown.Billy Packer has to be the most stupidest,retarted commentator ever! He is horrible, I hate him with all my guts.

  9. James Says:

    I believe Henderson didn’t mean to injure psyco T!! If you look at the picture you see that he was trying to turn to get out of Tyler’s way!!

  10. Mike White Says:

    I didn’t say there was intent to injure. I said there was intent to give a hard foul. But Hansbrough will recover, he has forgiven Henderson, and he’s served his suspension, so I don’t think this incident a big issue anymore.

  11. Sally Says:

    omg, unc is such a gayass little team. they make such a big deal of this. that poor little duke player was jsut going for the ball. but hey, if i were him, as much as i HATE unc, i would have done it on purpose. but its fucking obvious that he didnt. unc is so gay. they blame this shit on that poor duke player. conceited little jerks.

  12. Sally Says:

    oh yeah, by the way. ya home boy ramsey looks like a goat. fuckkk unc.

  13. miley Says:

    i’m so sorry about your nose

  14. miley Says:

    i think henderson did it on purpose he should of not done that to tyler hansbrough


  15. thatguy22 Says:

    tyler is a tuff guy. and that proves why carolina satyed ranked all this year.

  16. someone Says:

    to all of you retards that think that it wasnt intentional you are mistaken so fuck you all!!!!!!!

  17. Jessica Says:


  18. tarheelman Says:

    This was intentional. It was the result of a very frustrated Duke team being taken to the woodshed by their archrivals the Tar Heels. Look for the Heels to sweep Duke yet again this year.

  19. erin michelle Says:

    poor baby.
    i think he will be okay.
    but number 15 needs his butt kicked.

  20. fred joc Says:

    if dat dude wud had cheap shot me in the face ida stood up and SUPER SOAKED him in the nose too except it wouldnt have been a cheap shot like dat hed be layin da ground cryin for his mudda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. i got ty’s bak man, g steps at him again i come on da court to woop who ever touches the man TYLER HANSBROUGH WORD UP TO YA MUDDA

  21. chelsea Says:

    i think its clear henderson didnt mean to break his knows, you know this stuff happens when you play basketball, happens all the time when u play scrappy high school basketball, dont get me wrong i absolutly love to watch tyler hansbrough play, and hes definately my favorite player but get over it seriously

  22. chelsea Says:


  23. kelsey Says:

    Tyler is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  24. DANNY Says:


  25. meeeeee50 Says:

    well no one really knows if it was intentional or not. all we know is what we want to believe. I LOVE PSYCO T #50 he rocks like crazy. my favorite player of all time (besides michael jordan of course)

  26. Lewis Says:

    Anyway u look at it. Tyler Hansbrough is a “man among boys” He “talks the talk and does not walk the walk”

  27. Duke blue not BABY blue Says:

    Wa wa wa. If Tyler’s such a “man among boys” then why did he cry like a little girl after Henderson’s atomic elbow?

    And for the record Packer hates Duke even more than UNC and never lets a chance go by to insult Duke. The only announcer that’s worse Len Elmore.

  28. Tj Says:

    duke is the gayist team of them all pussy were losing and was mad so they took the best player out. im proud to say Tarheels rule!!! and will hate duke with all my might forever and ever and ever and ever.

  29. bob Says:

    wow hansbrough is a punk, and hendersen was going up for the block. screw UNC

  30. jeremy Says:

    sign above petition….

  31. Brock Says:

    Not that i don’t think this was a bad foul…but did any of u happen to look at the score and the clock…you’re up 12 with 15 seconds and ur leaving in your star player…and besides that…the fact that he’s even going for a rebound in between 3 opposing players proves that he has a low basketball iq and thats y kansas beat you silly…

  32. SmartPlayer Says:

    Exactly. Any SMART player would run the clock out, not try to pad his stats with two more points. The idiot got what he deserved.
    Also, in the video, you can clearly see Henderson’s eyes following the ball, not Hanstravel’s glass nose!
    Let’s not forget Luol Deng being knocked unconscious by UNC player. Where was the public outcry then?

  33. on a steek Says:

    So true. UNC (and all their fans, for that matter) are just babies. They whine and complain when something doesn’t go their way, and simply must put Duke at fault (sometimes when Duke isn’t even PLAYING them.) Why don’t all y’all heels just realize that your team isn’t so above everyone else? Your not the only team that’s won a couple titles.

    I’d also like to mention that DUKE is the outright ACC champion, not your precious Heels. We whooped FSU by double digits while Carolina couldn’t handle them. I just love looking at it that way.

  34. maddog Says:

    that was deff. a cheap shot. henderso knew that if tyler hansbrough was out they would have a better chance of winning….

  35. josh ellington Says:

    This clip never gets old!

  36. Why I Hate Duke « Snark Pundit Says:

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  37. Why Duke Sucks « Snark Pundit Says:

    […] twenty years.  At the beginning of this video, Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina #50) takes a nasty elbow to the face courtesy of Gerald Henderson (Duke #15).  They showed the replay of this foul during the Duke/UNC […]

  38. PseushElest Says:

    Hello All.
    I the opening time here.
    I require to manifest to you,damage thriller..HERE How to you?

  39. Tyler Hansbrough Calls Kevin Garnett’s Flagrant Foul ‘Cheap,’ Says ‘That’s How He Plays’ | Boston Celtics | Says:

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  40. H Stephens Says:

    Billy Packer is the greatest, biased/anti-UNC jerk of all time. He probably has not had a shred of embarassment or regret about his stupid and fact-free comments. Whether Henderson has ever confessed his intent I do not know, but I would respect hiim more if he did.

    Henderson intended to hurt Hansbrough and wound up to clock Hansborough him with, at-the-least, his hand and forearm. From the shot from the baseline, it looks like Henderson was trying to hit him with his elbow. His hand never gets more than inch or so above his forehead. How many shots, if any, have you ever seen blocked by someone with their arm fully bent and their hand

    Of course, Billy probably never blocked a shot; but, I bet he could not produce any video or film of anyone else ever attempting to block a shot with the same move as Henderson made.

    The ball which Billy proclaims Henderson was attempting to go after was already stripped out of Hansbrough’s hands, because of Johnson’s second foul (he began by failing to grab both arms), and off to the right BEFORE Henderson even draws back his arm to start the blow. Once he starts forward, the heel of Henderson’s hand is hardly two inches above his right eye AND he NEVER extends his hand toward the ball and he COMES DOWN through Hansbrough’s face with his arm extended downward and his fist below his waist.

    Not only did Henderson not come close to the ball, he was not following the ball from the moment he prepared, regardless of Billy’s absurd characteracterization

    Except for a sucker punch away from or after the action, this is probably the greatest example of an intentional effort to hurt someone during a basketball play that I’ve ever seen (67 years old, watched BB since I was 12, played at least 4-500 refereed games, probably at least 2,500 pickup games with mostly good amateurs, but ranging from the crudest, no-talent players who depended upon their brutishness to college and a few NBA players. Again, this was the worst I have ever seen, on TV or in person.

    Just deserts would have the video with his moronic justification of Henderson’s high “low blow” appended to Packer’s professional biography.

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