Chris Duhon Has Really Hit The Skids

I’ve heard a lot of people say that’s difficult to adjust to life in the NBA. I have taken that statement for granted, but I never believed that the adjustment would be this difficult. There are a lot of seedy characters you meet, and they can end up taking advantage of you just because you’re famous. But I had never seen such a clear example until now. Here we see Chris Duhon, accomplished Duke Player and and Chicago Bulls backup point guard, spending his free time working as a male stripper as a favor to his marijuana dealer, for whom he owes hundreds of dollars.


Who’s that guy handing out more cash? Pacman Jones?


I was shocked! That’s more of Chris than I needed to see. Didn’t Coach K teach him to stay away from such people? He’s from Chicago, he needs to tell Chris rule #1: Don’t let the customer touch you!

(photo gallery found via Deadspin)

37 Responses to “Chris Duhon Has Really Hit The Skids”

  1. Shaquittia Says:

    Man don’t hate on Chris man if you had money you will be doing the same thing man there is a time to play and a time to be serious and at this time he is playing but he better not let this get into his career

  2. Cierra Says:

    Oh my Gosh…. i do not beleive he would do something like that…. oh my goodness

  3. jd Says:

    why he he going for white women, he should do that shit to black girls

  4. uncgirl50 Says:

    only a dookie would even consider stooping that low.

  5. daddydick Says:

    He is just having fun weather he is drunk or stoned thats his own problem and of course he can do white girls and also black and he is just topless and dancing to her !!!

  6. Troy Says:

    C Du is the man. I ran into him at Cubs game on his bday and he bought me and my friends beer throughout the game. He knows how to rage. I bet whoever wrote this article has never been drunk or hung out with fine ass women like in the pic. I would have no problem strippin for those ladies, theyre fine as hell

  7. jack Says:

    once you go black no man wants you back!!!

  8. tina Says:

    hey chris…its ur classmate from salmen…congrats dude on u makin the nba..i always knew u and jeremy were talented basketball players..and now look at u …made it to the top…

    -tina mehta

  9. Sports fan Says:


    Weed, Women, WTF… that’s par for the course for most NBA players.

  10. mg Says:

    haha is this a serious blog?

  11. Lambda Pi Chi Says:

    Someone needs to tell his longtime girlfriend Andrea Hernandez. He’s been entertaining a lot of us lately.

  12. LPC Says:

    ya I know Andrea.. she is so obsessed with him, she wouldn’t even care. She is also very naive.

  13. bull Says:

    Yea Andrea is so stupid. She know he cheats on her but she still stays with him only becasue he is a million air. He is not going to marry her she she may as well just move on

    • WTF Says:

      RB and Val you 2 are the stupidest bitches you dont even know her! He is the one chasing her! Plus she is as smart as your dumb ass, she is working on her PHD so she dont need a man to support her! By the way she was with him when his ass had nothing. So your just mad bc you couldnt have him. You all make me sick grow up and live you own life and stop hatin!

  14. Lala Says:

    HATERS.!!! why ya hating on his girl!!! ya need to hop off if he wanted ya then he would of gotten ya nasty white pussys.
    ya ugly wanna be hoes!!! plus he’s got a good lookin smart girl that can out stand ya fake as ass lickers!!! HOP OFF

  15. AB Says:

    Well freak out why don’t you, jeez.

  16. Ryan Says:

    Chris Duhon has sex with men. Him and Dunleavy Jr. used to shower together and jerk each other off

  17. Rob Says:

    The person who wrote this article is being a prick… What’s wrong with having a good time with beautiful women. Who cares what color she is… The girls are hot… Let the guy enjoy life…

    I’m a broke college student struggling to get a girls number.. I get shot down 80% of the time.. Leave the dude alone.. He’s having fun… I wish I was in his shoe, I’d definatly be partying with hot chicks and having a good time… He’s a pretty responsible dude..

    I think a lot of reporters are Jellous and wish they could live the rock star life of the professional athlete. I remember being a security guard for the Atlanta Hawks game a fews year ago and the women who came to those games have nothing on the girls this dude is with…

    We’re talking about freaking swimsuit models hanging at the basketball games… My mouth dropped…. These guys are around 10s not the scrappy chicks us normal guys are left with…

  18. Rob Says:

    Your right… It’s all about the money… I remember watching an interview last year Heu Hefner did back in the 90s. It’s all about the money. Comedian Chris Rock made a really funny joke about in his stand up… Something like once he started to have money.. all these women…

  19. Val Says:

    Andrea and him are getting married…he keeps her around because she will never leave when he cheats…he has a kid with someone else and she is still there. She saw his ny contract and made sure she got a ring.

  20. R.B. Says:

    Andrea and him are getting married…he keeps her around because she will never leave when he cheats…he has a kid with someone else and she is still there. She saw his ny contract and made sure she got a ring. prenup? seems like divorce will be around the corner.

  21. Cam Says:

    Chris Duhon has a child ??
    with whom, who’s the baby mama?

  22. Hex Says:

    Chris Duhon is such a tool. Figures he would marry a fool of a woman.

  23. Maria Says:

    This is so funny to me! Dating a basketball player myself I see the same stuff! Why do all of you females say the samething? “shes a gold digger” “he cheats and shes blind to it” its so pathetic! Shes the one he wants to be with he f***** you period!!! leave Andrea alone I have met her and she is the sweetest woman and does not deserve this… GET A LIFE PLEASE!

  24. Abnorceproorb Says:

    Hed been brought to his old suite of rooms and laid out on his bed. Ill assume by your current state that the compulsion to rut overtook you as well? Colors bled, and the stone trees melted into the floating water of the stream. But she knew firsthand that knowing and seeing it happen were two very different things. Past Radins shoulder, she spied her parents watching closely, concern utmost on their faces. His palm smoothed over her forehead, gently smoothing her hair back from her face. Gala knelt at her side, a reassuring hand on her shoulder. But… Abruptly, she caught Eyrhaen up in a hug. First Gala, then Radin crowded close, surrounding her with warmth. Steeling herself, she turned to face Brevin. Without using magic, she didnt stand a chance against his strength. Go away, go away, go away. Would you let me go? What they had this moment was less, but also so much more. Chuckling, Brevin slid arms around Tykirs chest. she asked, voice hoarse. She considered lighting one or two of the lamps but discarded the idea. Again, she easily pictured it. Youd allow me to breed with another man? He laughed, pulling his mouth from hers after a few steps.

  25. JDub Says:

    Some people live their lives and make mistakes and work on becoming a better person. Some people hate. Which group are your?

  26. rae Says:

    so i went to school with chris at salmen and idk how i got to this page but somehow i did…only to find out all the shit talkers and haters, but really when u look at the situation the all of u are super jelous. Slidell is a city that does not cater to many oppurtunities and someone from there, like me, should be lucky enough to make it out as successful as chris has. so who fucking cares what he does he has enough money to do it and if his girl wants to be blind to it or not who cares cuz they obvisously like it that way, i mean he is a athlete and its what they do best, all the money and fame they do as they please wether their wives and girlfriends choose to believe it or not, who cares. If i was the girlfriend i would shut my mouth too and just make daily trips to louis, prada, chanel, and the bmw dealership on a daily basis…..some girls can either be a part of the team or sit on the bench and if i were her id be the fucking coach. oh and btw, my now husband, rode motocross and was the highest paid rider in 2009 until he suffered a career imposing injury, anyway, the girls that hang out moto events are hotter then any of the basketball skanks and it was bound to happen but when all the limelight dies down they straighten up and come back to you and by that time they are ready to get married and then u have em on lock cuz if they fuck up again ur getting half of everything….play it smart ladies and ur men will fall in line. chirs good luck in ur career…..

  27. Teeth Whitening : Says:

    just the mere look of Chris Rock would give you laughs already “

  28. kinsey Says:

    I guess he did marry andrea. I guess the haters have to write someting new about them huh. Well I grew up with Andrea and she’s a great girl. I mean she’s very respectful and loyal. If he cheats on her then it’ll def be his loss.

  29. just saying Says:

    wat eva da hell he do in his free time is his business dats wats wrong wit these reporters and bloggers now need 2 stay outta these people business if it got nuttin 2 do wit his career…..there r people dat do wat he doing 4 a living….. step off HELL!!!!!!

  30. 1tony123456 Says:

    he is really a strong men,Chicago Bulls member

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