Super Regional Day 3 Recap: We’re Going To Omaha

Game 2, Part 2: USC 8, UNC 6- Well, that was a waste of 40 minutes. Carolina came in alternate black uniforms to end Game 2 (which was suspended last night due to weather), and they weren’t very lucky for the Heels. Carolina did manage to score a run n the top of the 8th, but the Gamecocks had a very questionable call go their way. With two outs, USC fielded a grounder and threw to first. But the first baseman had his foot off the bag when he caught it, which means that the runner should have been called safe. The Umpire called an out, sending the reduced UNC crowd up in arms and ending the inning. The Heels didn;t get another chance, and the series was force into a game three with a trip to Omaha on the line.NOW.

Game 3: UNC 9, UNC 4WHOOOOOO!!!! We’re going back to the College World Series! I am at a loss for words right now. Chad Flack is simply unbelievable.