Emmanuel Moody: Coming To UNC?

According to Inside Carolina, former Southern Cal running back Emmanuel Moody is visiting the UNC campus in Chapel Hill this afternoon, and one can only hope that it’s because he wants to transfer here.


On the one hand, this could be big news. Butch Davis has yet to coach a single game here at Carolina, and already we might be snatching a player from perhaps the best college football program in the nation. Running back has been this team’s biggest weakness since the departure of John Linton (boy, that’s a flashback), and the solution may about to fall into our lap.

But I’m also a tad skeptical. Moody is just visiting; he hasn’t come anywhere close to a decision. Three other schools, two of which are powerhouses (Texas, Florida), are also on Moody’s radar. Even if he transfers, it won’t help the major problems we have this year. If a good or great running back emerges this season, we may have some big controversy if the transfer happens. And there’s no guarantee of success. We thought we had gotten the next great UNC running back when Barrington Edwards transferred from LSU. In his senior year he’s 3rd on the depth chart, at best.

Yes, Moody had some good games last year at USC, and is a very talented running back, but he’s still somewhat of an unknown entity. Still, the mere possibility of a Trojan in Chapel Hill is better news than anything that happened last season.

UPDATE: Moody is going to Florida. Can’t say that I’m very surprised.

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