Apparently, the Evil Parallel Universe Tar Heels are sponsored by Long John Silver’s.


As most UNC basketball fans are aware, Bojangles has a promotion in which they serve two sausage biscuits for $1 at local location when the Heels score 100 points at home. As a result, whenever Carolina gets above 90 points with a substantial amount of time left on the clock, students begin chanting “WE-WANT BIS-CUITS!”, and go crazy when the 100th point finally falls. However, in tonight’s game against Nevada, Len Elmore must have heard something else.
Len Elmore, during tonight’s game against Nevada: “…And the fans are clearly excited, because apparently, there’s some kind of promotion where if Carolina scores 100 points, the fans get free fish sticks or something.”
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  1. Tar Heel Fan Says:

    That just goes to prove how much I was blocking Elmore out at that point. Of course the announcing team was also confused by the lack of a name on Greg Little’s jersey which is something they could have found out had they bothered to research it a little.

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