The Legend of Quentin Thomas Grows By the Day

UNC 92, Virginia Tech 53, blah blah blah. Q dunked! TWICE!


Keep this in mind: Quentin Thomas has run the point for Carolina’s last five games, all in conference play. The Heels have been 4-1 in those games, with the sole loss coming against Duke, when Ellington and Green’s shooting went completely cold.

His stats for those five games: 36 points, 19 rebounds, 32 assists, 18 turnovers, 1.8 A/TO ratio. Greivis Vasquez, the ACC’s best healthy point guard right now, has an A/TO ratio of 1.7 over the same five game span. When you consider that Q was Roy’s third string point guard to begin the year, that’s pretty impressive.

We are about to leave one of the biggest injury storms to hit the Tar Heels in recent memory. As the clouds begin to clear up, this hobbling team is still 24-2, in the top 5, and in position to take a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament. And we have managed to do it one-deep at point guard, basketball’s most crucial position.

If this season ends with the Tar Heels at the top, we all have Quentin Thomas to thank for helping them get there.