7 Responses to “UNC is Going to the Final FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUR”

  1. chris Says:

    Why they could win: Tyler Hansbrough will not let them lose. He proved against Louisville he could carry the Heels down the stretch of a big game, even against a taller defender.

    Why they won’t: The UNC defense has dramatically improved but hasn’t been forced to handle the level of challenge any of the other three teams presents.

    Saw this on
    Tyler Hansbrough site.

    Lets go UNC!!!!!!

  2. Scott Says:

    If Green and Ellington don’t show up, they will lose. Hopefully, they won’t repeat what happened in the 2nd half of the Louisville game, or even worse, the home Duke loss this year.

  3. chris Says:

    Scott, i do think your correct on that.
    Ty Lawson will hopfully be 100%.

  4. uncgirl50 Says:

    We will win. OK maybe not.
    Tyler will be HUGE! So will Deon and Alex. Ty needs to move FAST! D is HUGE! Cannot crack under pressure.

  5. Sabre Says:

    And now you’re going home 😉

  6. Mike White Says:

    Don’t remind me…

  7. keithunc Says:

    I love the Video. I bet that was Hansbrough as a child, even opening his presents with wildness.

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