Alex Stepheson is Going to USC…Maybe.

As reported pretty much everywhere, former UNC forward Alex Stepheson has officially decided to take his game to Southern Cal.

This decision is pretty unsurprising. Stepheson chose to transfer away out of Carolina due to his dad’s poor health, and said that he wanted to play closer to Los Angeles, where his family lives. Automatically, this made the two major LA schools the frontrunners in getting him.

How this move turns out has yet to be seen. Alex wants to be able to play next season based on the circumstances of his family, but the NCAA may not oblige. There is also the trouble of getting him on the roster now that all scholarship positions have been filled. But the Trojans will definitely have use for some with Stepheson, and especially his defensive prowess. What’s most important is that Alex is happy with the move. I sincerely wish Alex the best of luck at Southern Cal and in the rest of his basketball career, and hope that his father gets well.

UPDATE (7/21): According to the LA Times, Stepheson’s family has said that Alex has yet to make a final decision. While USC is the frontrunner, Alex is also considering UCLA and Arizona State. More updates as they become available.


6 Responses to “Alex Stepheson is Going to USC…Maybe.”

  1. Whistlpig Says:

    San Diego State (not a major by any means but I am partial) would welcome Alex, too, I am sure. Good luck to him.

  2. brian Says:

    hi mike.

    trying to contact you about one of your old photos. looking to see if it is available for purchase. hope to hear from you soon!


    – brian

  3. Mike White Says:

    I don’t have any photos for sale. Which photo was it?

  4. brian Says:

    hi mike.

    thanks for getting back to me! please email me at, and i will send you the photo i’m talking about. its a baseball shot.

  5. brian Says:

    mike, its actually a client of ours that found the image and would like purchase it for a specific use. please get back to me as soon as you can. we’d really appreciate your help with this. thanks!

  6. bmepain Says:

    Greets! Really funny. Big ups!

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