Dwight Jones Cleared to Play for UNC

Wide receiver and 2007 UNC recruit Dwight Jones is finally cleared to join UNC football this fall. After spending a year a Hargrave Military Academy he was academically eligible for this year, but a mistake (either by UNC admin or the NCAA clearinghouse) over the number of courses required prevented him from entry. Because it was an administrative mistake and no fault of Jones, the NCAA allowed Jones to transfer back to UNC from his temporary enrollment at Div. II Valdosta State without sitting out for a year.

Jones at the Shrine Bowl.

While Jones will be on the team this fall, it appears that Kevin Reddick and Joseph Townsend will not. So for now, all of the academic qualification issues are either resolved or shelved. I wish all three of these players the best of luck.

Now, Let’s get back to talking about football.