God Is Clearly Miffed at the Prospect of Duke Winning Four Games

So he struck this week. Plan A through E of Duke’s running attack, Re’Quan Boyette, will have season ending knee surgery.

Boyette has been Duke’s leading rusher for the last two seasons, with 1,072 career yards. That may not seem like much, but I’m trying to figure out who had that many career yards for UNC in the post-Mack era and mayyyyyyyyyybe Jacque Lewis comes to mind.

I’m a fine connoisseur of Duke-related Schadenfreude, but this is just unfair. The Blue Devils are having a tough enough time as it stands trying to get its first ACC win since Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s last day on Earth.


2 Responses to “God Is Clearly Miffed at the Prospect of Duke Winning Four Games”

  1. goheels_003 Says:

    Looking for rushing yards post Mac Brown era?? How about Ronnie McGill. He had over 1200 yards his last two. You can add 400 more yards from his sophmore year when he only played 7 games and now you have over 1500. There you go bud.

  2. Mike White Says:

    I remembered that about a week after publishing this; thanks for jogging my memory. I cannot BELIEVE I forgot about McGill. I also forgot about Chad Scott. My point is, the running game has been, shall we say, forgettable in the past 10 years.

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