BlogPoll Week 2 Draft


Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal
2 Georgia
3 Oklahoma 2
4 Missouri
5 Florida 1
6 East Carolina 19
7 Ohio State 4
8 Auburn
10 Wisconsin 3
11 Texas 6
12 Arizona State 4
13 Alabama 2
14 Texas Tech 3
15 California 6
16 Kansas 2
17 South Florida 5
18 Penn State 1
19 Oregon 1
20 Wake Forest 2
21 Fresno State 2
22 Brigham Young 12
23 Vanderbilt 3
24 Utah
25 TCU 1
Dropped Out: West Virginia (#7), Clemson (#22).
In Waiting: UCLA, Illinois, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Boise State, Tennessee.
East Carolina has to be in the top 10. No one has had a more impressive start to the season than the Pirates. Coupled with the the Buckeyes’ disappointing performance against Ohio and we have something I thought I would never do: place ECU ahead of Ohio State.
Conversely, I did not expect BYU to drop so far. But it took the Cougars a blocked extra point (and to some extent, a terrible NCAA rule) to eke out a win against Washington, one of the worst teams in a BCS conference. The teams that jumped ahead of them either maintained some level of status quo or impressed enough for me to say “there’s no way I can keep BYU ahead of them.”
I considered putting Illinois, Clemson, and UCLA in the top 25, but they didn’t do anything to impress this week. The Bruins had a bye, and the other two teams played FCS squads.
Most of the rest of the poll is a bit of a mess, The ECU ranking is non-negotiable, but fell free to point out other oddities/egregious errors in the comments.
Watched: Ohio-OSU, West Virginia-ECU, Miami-Florida, portions of Miami (OH)-Michigan, Ole Miss-Wake, USF-UCF, Texas-UTEP. SDSU-Notre Dame.

Getting A Read on Rutgers

The lull after the McNeese State game is finally over. It’s officially Rutgers Week.

Despite what the loss to Fresno State may indicate, the Scarlet Knights are a dangerous opponent. They retain a third year starting quarterback in Mike Teel, and they have two of the Big East’s best receivers in Tiquan Underwood and Kenny Britt. However, the shoes of Ray Rice might be two big to fill. Kordell Young may have had 94 yards and a touchdown against Fresno State, but he averaged 3.6 yards per carry, and he got absolutely no help from other tailbacks. Mike Teel obviously felt the pain, throwing two interceptions, zero touchdowns, and completing only 51.4 percent of his passes.

Of bigger concern may be the defense. While the secondary was effective against Fresno State’s passing game (Marlon Moore in particular), they let a few big plays past them at key moments in the second half. However, their biggest weakness was against the run. Ryan Matthews had 163 yards rushing, 20 yards receiving, and 3 touchdowns. In 2007 terms, that places Rutgers’ run defense with the likes of Nevada and San Jose State.

UNC’s performance against McNeese State, while a victory, was not any more impressive. Both lines seemed to be outplayed by the Cowboys, and the Tar Heels needed both a second half wake-up call and a record-setting performance from Brandon Tate to get the win. The Tar Heels share similar offensive problems with Rutgers. If Rutgers defends the pass as well as they did against Fresno State, another subpar rushing performance may be too much for Carolina to overcome.

Still, only so much can be interpreted from one game. The Scarlet Knights are a dangerous team until proven otherwise, and they should put up more than a good fight on Thursday night. After the disappointment against McNeese State, they should expect the same from the Heels.

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