BlogPoll Week 2 Draft


Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal
2 Georgia
3 Oklahoma 2
4 Missouri
5 Florida 1
6 East Carolina 19
7 Ohio State 4
8 Auburn
10 Wisconsin 3
11 Texas 6
12 Arizona State 4
13 Alabama 2
14 Texas Tech 3
15 California 6
16 Kansas 2
17 South Florida 5
18 Penn State 1
19 Oregon 1
20 Wake Forest 2
21 Fresno State 2
22 Brigham Young 12
23 Vanderbilt 3
24 Utah
25 TCU 1
Dropped Out: West Virginia (#7), Clemson (#22).
In Waiting: UCLA, Illinois, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Boise State, Tennessee.
East Carolina has to be in the top 10. No one has had a more impressive start to the season than the Pirates. Coupled with the the Buckeyes’ disappointing performance against Ohio and we have something I thought I would never do: place ECU ahead of Ohio State.
Conversely, I did not expect BYU to drop so far. But it took the Cougars a blocked extra point (and to some extent, a terrible NCAA rule) to eke out a win against Washington, one of the worst teams in a BCS conference. The teams that jumped ahead of them either maintained some level of status quo or impressed enough for me to say “there’s no way I can keep BYU ahead of them.”
I considered putting Illinois, Clemson, and UCLA in the top 25, but they didn’t do anything to impress this week. The Bruins had a bye, and the other two teams played FCS squads.
Most of the rest of the poll is a bit of a mess, The ECU ranking is non-negotiable, but fell free to point out other oddities/egregious errors in the comments.
Watched: Ohio-OSU, West Virginia-ECU, Miami-Florida, portions of Miami (OH)-Michigan, Ole Miss-Wake, USF-UCF, Texas-UTEP. SDSU-Notre Dame.

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