Somewehere, Deep in the Heart of Tennessee…

…Carl Torbush can’t stop laughing.

Congratulations, Bill Stewart. I have no idea how Pat White + Noel Devine = 0-2 and 17 points in 2 games…but you manage to make the equation work.

5 Responses to “Somewehere, Deep in the Heart of Tennessee…”

  1. Tar Heel Fan Says:


    I was thinking that last night watching him manage the final two minutes. Chris Fowler was saying everyone on the WVU sideline was confused which is never a good sign.

    When will these people learn. Never. Ever. Allow your players to dictate the coaching hire. And unless you have a guy other people have been clamoring for as a head coach do not promote an assistant.

  2. Mike White Says:

    Carl was not necessarily a bad decision at the time. He WAS the defensive coordinator for the top defense in the nation. His biggest sins were bad recruiting and running in the I formation on 3rd and 11. Every week.

    I understand your point, though.

  3. Tar Heel Fan Says:

    Yes. The issue you get into is whether a guy can run all facets of the program rather than just one area. Some guys are really good coordinators but suck when they have to actually run the program. Torbush and Bunting seem to fall in this category.

  4. williamaskew Says:

    This hire smacks of Bill Guthridge. And we all know how that turned out (Brian Morrison, Adam Boone, Kris Lang). Or Larry Coker, who somehow managed to get no talent at Miami, of all places.

  5. Dr. Lou Drinking Game « Digital Headbutt Says:

    […] a coach, such as Bill Stewart, calls in because they legitimately need […]

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