BlogPoll Draft: Week Five

Much like a trip from LA to Corvallis, general insanity follows.

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma 4
2 Alabama 6
3 Missouri 3
4 LSU 2
5 Penn State 6
6 Texas 4
7 Brigham Young 2
8 Texas Tech 8
9 South Florida 5
10 Vanderbilt 2
11 Utah 6
12 Boise State 6
13 Auburn
14 Georgia 10
15 Southern Cal 14
16 Kansas 3
17 Florida 14
18 Ohio State 2
19 Virginia Tech 4
20 Connecticut 6
21 Ball State 5
22 Fresno State 2
23 Northwestern 3
24 Maryland 2
25 Mississippi 1
Dropped Out: Wisconsin (#7), Wake Forest (#15), TCU (#21), Clemson (#22), Georgia Tech (#25).

Also Considered: North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Oregon, Catlab.

Ole Miss at #25 is absolutely bananas, and in all likelihood will only last one week. The rest, I can explain.

In my poll, if you lose to an unranked team, you drop out of the top 10. Simple. Alabama reaches #2 after destroying Georgia, who also make a big drop in this week’s poll. It may be difficult to justify putting them behind Auburn, though. The Tigers’ offense has been nonexistent, and they’ve kept close to two teams that, quite frankly, they shouldn’t.

LSU gets a slight drop for giving up more points to Mississippi State than Louisiana Tech, Auburn and Georgia Tech combined (24-23). Penn State goes up as they continue to run on all cylinders, and their demolishing of Oregon State looks that much better. Texas Tech goes up 8 spots for absolutely no reason, and looking at it now it’s kind of ridiculous.

Meanwhile, we get some new school madness. The Vanderbilt Football happy fun time ride makes it into the top 10, and BYU and Utah are 7th and 11th, respectively. This year’s Holy War matchup would be, in all likelihood, a BCS play-in game in one or both of these teams can stay undefeated.

At the bottom of the poll, pretty much everyone from 20 and below is a newcomer (UConn, Ball State, NW, Maryland, Ole Miss). I probably could have figured out a way to squeeze the Tar Heels into this poll, but I’m holding out until after the UConn game. If they beat the Huskies, Carolina will be in my Top 25. Promise.

The final, final poll will be published Wednesday morning. Until then, tell me what’s wrong with this one.

2 Responses to “BlogPoll Draft: Week Five”

  1. jrwojdylo Says:

    Ball State in the top 25? Do we think that will last at all? I am also skeptical of BYU. Your top 5 is quite accurate though!

  2. Mike White Says:

    If anything, Ball State’s ranking could be extended by their easy MAC schedule.

    As for BYU, they deserve the accolades they’ve gotten so far. They, along with Boise State and Utah, are clearly in position to compete for the BCS mid-major spot.

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