HeelTube: One More Look At the UM Game, Trimane Goddard’s Interception, and Some of Our Mistakes

Last Saturday’s game against Miami was, at least in the ACC, one of the best games that you’ll see this season. Both teams had moments of brilliance, Miami jumped out to a 14-0 lead, and Carolina scored two touchdowns in the final nine and a half minutes to take a 28-24 lead with 46 seconds left.

The Trimane Goddard interception, however, might be the biggest play for the Tar Heels in a long, long time.

If he doesn’t fight his way in there, I have no doubt that Kayne Farquharson makes that acrobatic catch. To watch a play like that, where the outcome of the game literally changes hands in a fraction of a second…it’s insane. There’s no other word for it.

As fantastic as Carolina played at times, Miami looked pretty dominant at times against us, as evidenced by this UM highlight reel.

Granted, that was a very talented team we just faced. Graig Cooper and Robert Marve are undoubtedly two stars of the future. But there were many instances when the Hurricanes offense made us look just plain bad. The offensive line consistently opened holes for Cooper up until the fourth quarter. Marve was very successful in the short and medium-range passes, to which UNC’s zone coverage is often susceptible. And on rollouts, the Canes regularly fooled the defense into pursuing the QB while he dumped it off to an open receiver five yards in the flat.And this doesn’t even count the special teams’ unforced errors.

Just to be clear, I am absolutely stoked with how Saturday’s game turned, especially without T.J. Yates. However, as this video shows, this team still has a bit to work on.