Reckless Is Good.

As you are all painfully aware, few teams have lived and died by turnovers more than North Carolina has this season. The Heels’ turnover margin is +13 in five wins and -5 in two losses. In our four wins against FBS opponents, were have forced fourteen turnovers while giving the ball away only once, when Cam Sexton was hit as he threw in the red zone against UConn. The advantage to this is that our defense, an by proxy our team, is very adept to taking advantage of a offense’s mistakes. The downside is that if the opposing offense doesn’t give up the ball, or if Cam Sexton has a particularly bad day, the Heels are in trouble.

So, does Boston College’s turnover situation play into the hands of UNC?  Apparently, it does.  Chris Crane has thrown ten interceptions to six touchdown passes in six games, and often he threw his picks in bunches. Excellent BC blogger Eagle in Atlanta compared him to other BC quarterbacks of the recent past in their first seven games as a starter. The data shows unequivocally that Crane is “the most reckless (or error prone) QB to see the field [for BC] in nearly a decade.”

What does this mean for us? Mmmmmm, yummy delicious interceptions. Trimane Goddard eagerly awaits the game on Saturday.

(Photo from a very masochistic Hurricanes website, apparently.)