The Miami Hurricanes Are My Heroes

With this post, I would like to personally thank the Miami Hurricanes for beating Virginia Tech on Thursday night. The win allows the Tar Heels to control their own destiny in the Coastal division. More importantly, however, they succeeded where North Carolina and Georgia Tech could not. They, in consecutive games, finished off the robot menace to the entire ACC that would have been either team from the Commonwealth of Virginia in the conference championship game. This season, I have become an ABCer in college football: Anybody But the Commonwealth. Neither team are very fun to watch. They both win by sucking the life out of games; Frank Beamer uses strategy, while Al Groh may be an actual vampire.

Point is, In reaching 7-3 Miami has, for now, knocked Virginia and Virginia Tech out of the ACC race. If the Hurricanes did nothing else, I deeply thank them for that. Just don’t expect us to return the favor. Even though there’s a 50% chance that we will.