World, Hakeem Nicks. Hakeem Nicks, World.

Yes, the loss hurts in many ways that UNC’s other close losses have hurt this season, but this one was probably the least painful. It was as exciting game as one could ask for. Both teams played their hearts out and played (mostly) high quality football for most of the game. While making some mistakes, the Heels were excellent for much of the game and were as impressive in defeat as one can reasonably expect. Pat White, perhaps the greatest player in Mountaineer football history, had a outstanding day and win to cap off his illustrious college career. It was the best game of the pre-BCS slate, and the best case scenario for the Car Care Bowl organizers.

And Hakeem Nicks…oh, Hakeem Nicks:

The vidoes and statistics speak for themselves: 8 catches, 217 yards, 3 touchdowns. Nicks now holds every major school receiving record. It’s probable that this is the last we’ve seen of the greatest wide receiver in school history, as Nicks is an NFL talent right now and has nothing left to prove in college. UNC should be fine with a talented, if inexperienced, wide receiver trio of Greg Little, Kenton Thornton and Dwight Jones in 2009. If Hakeem comes back for his senior year, however, I may end up knocking myself out from the excitement.

Anyway, this post is a big Thank You and Congratulations for Hakeem Nicks and all the joy he has brought me and Tar Heel fans everywhere, from the Rutgers game on Saturday all the way up to Saturday’s remarkable performance.