Meet The Newbies! Mister Jones

Football Season: It’s creeping up a lot faster than you think. It makes no sense to cover the important players you already know. That’s the MSM’s job. Instead, let’s talk about the players with whom you may be less familiar: The players who will get significant PT for the first time. Today, we look at projected starting wide receiver Dwight Jones.

Sorry. I had to.

What We Know: Dwight Jones was one of the most hyped players from Butch’s inaugural class, loaded with tall and/or fast wide receivers (Including Greg Little and Rashad Mason). Jones continues to excite fans, two years later, despite not having done anything yet. We have only seen him in short glimpses: a burnt redshirt here, a spring game there, and very few snaps in between. It is thus almost impossible to know how he will perform in 2009. He is the China of the roster: any prediction about him, positive or negative, is bound to be wildly imprecise. There is only two things we know about Dwight Jones: he’s fast, and he’s tall. Fortunately for him, that can go a long way at the WR position.

From The Vast Depths of Space…Or, Well, The Locker Room: Carolina’s vast inexperience at wideout has been the topic of more articles than I can count, this being the latest one. Jones has gotten rave reviews from coaches about his play in practice. If statements by Coach Davis about Jones’ high school days are an indication, we may expect Jones be a much more physical wideout than the wide receivers of 2008. (Except Brooks Foster. That guy was fearless.)

What We Can Expect: Don’t hold your breath for Hakeem Nicks numbers, but Jones should be an solid short- and long-range target for T.J. Yates game in and game out.

(Photo: Inside Carolina)

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