LSU To Feast On Delicious Mutton in 2010

It’s pretty much official: UNC and LSU have agreed to meet at the Georgia Dome to open the 2010 season, the third year in a row the an ACC and SEC team will face off in Atlanta at the start of the year.


  • An instant national audience
  • It automatically boosts our schedule strength for 2010, making up for any FCS games
  • If UNC wins, it would be a marquee win for the season, the program, and the Butch Davis era at UNC
  • With 9 wins (bowl included) or more in ’09, the hype would be big enough to catapult Carolina onto the national stage with a win.
  • This space left blank to make way for awesome:


  • There is a substantial chance that, in spite of the strides that Carolina football have made, LSU could wipe the field with Carolina like Alabama did with Clemson last season;
  • if the ACC doesn’t have a national contender in 2009, the pressure could be stratospheric for UNC to win this game and represent the conference well.
  • Four of UNC’s most important defensive players may or may not be on our roster in 2010: Sturdivant, Carter, Austin, and Deunta Williams. (I don;t believe that Anyone on offense is going to leave early in 2009, and I think )

So, as with most things in life, this is either going to end very well or very badly. The positives for the Heels outweigh the negatives. With a win the Heels could be instant title contenders. And if they lose, hey, it’s against L-S-freaking-U.

I can’t wait for this game to come.  I can smell the deep fryers already.

(via EDSBS)

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