Running really late this bye week, but it’s once again time to put up with what I say about the Not Tar Heels. This roundatble comes from Jim Young of ACC

1) Most of the ACC has now reached the halfway point of its season. On
a scale of 1 (I’m rounding up pitchforks, torches and a mob to storm
the football office) to 10 (I’m selling of organs to raise money for a
statue of the coach) how do you feel about your team’s performance
thus far?

I’ll give a 4 to 5 right now. Butch is in no danger, but The fans are looking for either a complete 180 on offense or John Shoop’s head on a stick outside Kenan Stadium. Even if it’s not his fault, this team’s expections have gone too high too fast, and the bloodlust must be satiated.

If the Heels defense can stop Ryan Williams, UNC-Virginia Tech on October 29 has some serious Auburn-MSU potential. No, I’m not joking.

They should just have Shoop and Stinespring fight to the death at midfield. Losing team gets stuck with the surviving OC for the next 5 years.

2) Give me the best case scenario for your team the rest of the way.
Then give me the worst case.

Best case: UNC’s offense embraces the run, Dwight Jones comes back, the pass starts clicking, the defense continues being awesome, and the Heels match of improve on last season’s record, finishing 8-4 or 9-3 and play somewhere south of Charlotte.

Worst case: The offense continues to do absolutely nothing and the Heels finish 5-7. New stadium lights explode and the Heels are forced to play noon games forever.

3) Because it’s my turn to host the roundtable and I like fantasy
football, I’m going to ask a few questions with that theme. First,
you’re in an ACC keeper league. Which three players on your team do
you designate as keepers for next season? (Obviously this rules out
seniors, except for Riley Skinner, who I assume has six more years of
eligibility remaining)

1. Quan Sturdivant

2. Erik Highsmith

3. Robert Quinn

These guys are the three best-performing heels this season by far.

4) Let’s do the reverse of this, with coaches. You’re  forced to drop
one member of your team’s coaching staff. Who gets the axe? (Head
coaches or assistant coaches are eligible here)

Shoop seems to be the obvious choice here, but I may have to go with Sam Pittman, because it doesn’t matter what offense we run. If our offensive line plays this badly, we can’t score.

Heh heh. Score.

5) Let’s say the rest of the ACC is available via free agency. Who’s
the one  player from the other 11 teams that you’d most like to add to
your squad?

Ryan Williams. The result will either be our first real rushing production since the 90s or the complete debunking of UNC’s offensive philosophy. Either outcome is healthy and necessary. A close second is Thaddeus Lewis. The dude might be the best QB in the conference, the numbers speak for themselves and taking away the one glimmer of hope Duke football has is a win-win in my book.

6) Finally, we’ll stage a mock draft of ACC quarterbacks. Who are you
taking with the first pick, and why? And who would you get stuck with
if you had to pick No. 12?

The ACC’s quarterback is, for the most part, on a sliding scale from Harris/Lewis to Turner/Shinskie with a lot of midding players in between. Being UNC, though, we’re getting the seventh pick and someone like Christian Ponder. At least Willy Korn would be interesting.