It Must Be Some Sort of Halloween Joke, I’m Sure

Since it’s a bye week in football, I must, at least temporarily, draw my attention to basketball season. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there isn’t a single person in this universe who isn’t favoring the Tar Heels to to win it all.

The Heels, admittely, have been bitten by the injury bug in the past calenar year. Bobby Frasor, Ty Lawson, Danny Green, and Marcus Ginyard have all had injuries that has either kept them out or will keep them out of games. But since it’s Halloween, everyone needs something that will scare the crap out of them.

You’ll never guess who has shin splints. Go ahead, guess. I’ll wait here.

Have you figured it out?


Granted, it’s just shin splints, and he’ll have more than enough time to be back and 100% for the crux of the season. Still, on this day of spookiness I have been adequately…spookified.

Kendrick Williams Out For The Season

UNC Senior cornerback Kendric Williams (#37) is done for the year, after he tore his ACL in the first quarter against Virginia Tech. It’s a shame to see anyone get injured like that, but particularly For Williams. He had spent three years as a walk-on to the team, and he not only became a scholarship player for the 2007 season, but he a starting spot at defensive back. Through 5 games, he was tied for fifth on the team with 15 solo tackles. I hope that the NCAA gives Kendric a fifth year of eligibility, so that he has the chance to play a full, healthy season next year. I wish him the best of luck in his recovery and efforts to return in 2008.


For the Tar Heels, Williams’ absence will put even more strain on a defense who have already lost LB Chase Rice for the season and are still searching for consistency.