Jackie Manuel Is A Celtic

The Boston Celtics have given a one year contract to former Tar Heel Jackie Manuel. He was one of my favorite UNC basketball players. Even though he couldn’t shoot to save his soul, he always gave his full effort, and he was one of the best defenders in the NCAA. I still remember when he held J.J. Redick to four points in a game. If he’s been able to improve his offensive game, I think he can do well as a defensive specialist in the NBA. His defense should definitely help the Celtics, who ranked 24th in point differential last season, and counterbalance 3-point specialist Ray Allen at shooting guard.

Manuel will not have secured a spot on the roster until after preseason is over, and he may have to battle with Tony Allen for the second 2-guard spot on the roster. However, I think he has what it takes. Good luck Jackie!