HeelTube: A Tribute To Our Pugilists of the Motherland

Now, that earlier post with the 1975 game was quite fascinating, but I also an ulterior motive for posting it: so I could provide this “Irish” video compilation without karmic retribution later today. It’s just all in good fun, though.

We’ll start with “Danny Boy”, as performed by Beaker, Swedish Chef, and Animal. Because honestly, who isn’t going to watch that?

Next, we bring you Wayne Campbell as “The Leprechaun”.

This news piece from Mobile, Alabama might be the funniest Leprechaun-related incident in modern history.

Bear Grylls spend time as a kid in Ireland, and even had an episode of Man vs. Wild in west Ireland. Therefore, I have full authority to show you Bear eating beetle larvae.

And now, moving on to the actual Fighting Irish. We start with the Obligatory Jimmy Clausen Yakety Sax video.

No one wants to see anybody, much less a coach, tear his ACL. Therefore, I will only show a re-enactment of Charlie Weis’ injury from the Michigan game. I will say this however: Charlie is the closest thing to a life-size plush toy I have ever seen.

And what Notre Dame compilation would be complete without everyone’s favorite fake Irishman, Lou Holtz?

If the Heels turn the ball over 6 times today, I would like to take the time to apologize in advance.

HeelTube: Notre Dame’s Last Visit To Chapel Hill

Much has been discussed this week about the last time Notre Dame came to Kenan Stadium. (BTW, in case no one told you, it’s ND WEEK YAY!) Carolina jumped to an early lead, as the offense took advantage of a botched punt snap and scored the first touchdown of the game. It was Followed by a 39 yard passing touchdown to give UNC a 14-0 lead. In the fourth quarter, however, Joe Montana led his first of many comebacks in his illustrious career. He lead the Irish to three consecutive scoring drive in the final five and a half minute to give Notre Dame a 21-14 victory.

Thanks to the Internet, we now have the video of that game.

One of the things that interests me about this video is the old Kenan Stadium. It appears to be before they built the upper deck (on the north side, anyway), there is no green walkway or hedge between the fans and the sidelines, and the luxury boxes seem to resemble elaborate treehouses compared to the seats they have now. How times have changed.