Of All The Scheyerfaces In the World

I like this one the most.


Carolina…outright ACC champs.

Photo: Gary Broome/AP (if the huge AP logo in the middle hadn’t already tipped you off)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

One of Duke Basketball’s traditions is for the Blue Devil to ride a surfboard on top of members of the pep band, who roll to propel him across the court. In Duke’s win over Georgia Tech, however, the stunt went horribly wrong (thanks to Awful Announcing for the video):

Granted, it’s just a knee sprain and he’ll be okay, but…watching the felt representative of all that is evil in the universe hold his knee in pain with such gusto…it is one of the many small joys that makes the world a better place.

Duke Loses Two In a Row, Lets UNC Back Into ACC Race

Stewart Mandel says we should have seen this coming, but you still have to make sure you’re awake before you realize that Duke has just lost two straight ACC games to the teams that finished 11th and 12 last year, respectively.

More importantly, however, it’s an excuse to post these, courtesy of one of the greatest forums in internet history:




Not taken from Duke’s loss, but still thoroughly enjoyable. See you Friday.