This Post Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Carolina Football or Basketball

But dammit, it’s Shamwow guy in Spanish. If you feel the need to ask for more, it’s a blogstapo conspiracy.

The man must have spent days on Babelfish perfecting this ad. For that, Vince, I salute you.

HeelTube: The Last Time UNC and West Virginia Met…

…it was the 1997 Gator Bowl. Dre’ Bly took only one year to become one of the great corners in UNC history. His freshman season was bonkers, and he continued his stellar play that year with two of his 13 interceptions against the Mountaineers. Oscar Davenport also had a good game, throwing a touchdown pass and running for another. Carolina eventually won the game 20-13, capping their best season in more than a decade. 2008 has been easily the Heels’ best season since 1997, and in the Car Care Bowl they face none other than the Mountaineers. Freaky.

Much more posting about UNC’s bowl opponent will come in the next two weeks.