Carolina Football Items: 8/2

Practice started yesterday for Carolina football. Begin freaking out…now.

  • The consensus is that T.J. Yates is 100% healthy. He certainly impressed with his throws in practice (which you can see here), and the UNC staff isn’t very concerned about him anymore. Does this mean we’re going to see the Yates who threw for 9 touchdowns in the first 3 games of the season? We won’t know for sure until September. But UNC fans should feel comfortable knowing that the QB position is a bit more stable than it was a week ago.
  • A technicality with the NCAA has prevented freshman Kevin Reddick and juco transfer Joseph Townsend from participating in opening practice. Ultimately, it shouldn’t interfere with their long-term eligibility.
  • Say it with me: We’re Number 46! We’re Number 46!