Jackie Manuel Is A Celtic

The Boston Celtics have given a one year contract to former Tar Heel Jackie Manuel. He was one of my favorite UNC basketball players. Even though he couldn’t shoot to save his soul, he always gave his full effort, and he was one of the best defenders in the NCAA. I still remember when he held J.J. Redick to four points in a game. If he’s been able to improve his offensive game, I think he can do well as a defensive specialist in the NBA. His defense should definitely help the Celtics, who ranked 24th in point differential last season, and counterbalance 3-point specialist Ray Allen at shooting guard.

Manuel will not have secured a spot on the roster until after preseason is over, and he may have to battle with Tony Allen for the second 2-guard spot on the roster. However, I think he has what it takes. Good luck Jackie!


14 Responses to “Jackie Manuel Is A Celtic”

  1. firedannyainge Says:

    Not to mock your fandom since I am sure this kid has talent but someone needs to tell AInge that a bench means veterans to help a team win. The Celtics have no one to helpe this team except 3 starters that are all over 30.



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  2. Mike White Says:

    The Celtics do need some veterans on their squad, but they already have one at shooting guard in Ray Allen and can afford a young backup with a special skill (defense in Jackie’s case). They certainly should have a vet at point guard and in the frontcourt.

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  4. ehoo15 Says:

    anyone that says all they have is the big 3 is just ignorant and probably hasn’t watched a Celtics game since the Bird era

  5. Matthew Says:

    I’ve called three people out who’ve said the Celts don’t have any other players besides the big three that are worth anything. I asked them all how much time they’ve spent watching Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Tony Allen play. None of them had so much as watched a game for any of those guys. Criticizing from a position of ignorance is rarely wise.

  6. Marquis Chapman Says:

    I’m glad to see Manuel find a home. He’s a hard woker and plays solid defense. He should be able get some good minutes coming off the bench.

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  8. firedannyainge Says:

    Perkins was horrible last year but I am sure the excuse will be he was hurt. Go look at what Tim Duncan did with the same problem. Rondo has potential but so did Jefferson. Who cares about potential when they keep using it as an excuse to why they never live up to it and next you will be telling me how great Brian Scalabrine is.

    You can whine no one knows what they are talking about all you want but why don’t you name the NBA champion that didn’t get any key help from a veteran ? If you think Perkins 4 years are going to be enough it is you that is clueless about basketball.

    Veteran help is what is needed and these kids you insist show up for half a season are key shows it is that knows nothing about basketball.

    I can’t believe you even had the nerve to mention Tony Allen’s name at all. His injury was his own stupidity and just because he showed up for a few games when no one was playing doesn’t mean he will be any help.

  9. bobby Says:

    tony will take it. i like manuel though….. and ray allen is a GREAT 3 point shooter but he is not a “3 point specialist”. he can do MUCH MUCH more than just that, he can really do it all and is a great all around star player. i hate the celtics but i love kg and ray allen (and paul pierce too but dont tell anybody, okay?)….. i hate the team but they are gonna be AMAZING with those 3. its special to even think about as a basketball fan the way those 3 superstars fit…. i wouldnt be surprised at all if they won 3 of the next 5 championships. they are gonna be a SPECIAL team, i would bet the house on that! i wish it was my bucks that had those 3 GREAT players, but oh well.

  10. bobby Says:

    and their supporting cast is fine. easily with those 3, if they dont win the ring in year 1 they will come DAMN close and will definitely win it in year 2 when the rest of the roster gets filled out.

    perk is very good on defense and can board and get garbage points, he’s a banger and can help the team win. good for next to garnett, and rondo at point guard is a very good passer, great on defense, good rebounder for a pg, good penetrator…. he can do it all but outside shot. he’s good too for the lineup, the starting 5 is great. if they get a backup pointguard they could win the ring this year……… they will definitely be SPECIAL for the next 4 or 5 years though.

  11. Matthew Says:

    Can’t help but notice you didn’t mention how many games you’ve watched for the players you seem to hate. Very telling. Clearly, you’ve never seen Tony Allen play at all. Why be so critical when you’re working with literally no knowledge base?

    Did you just say Perkins won’t be any good because Tim Duncan did better with an injury? My friend, I’ll leave you to percolate on that one. You’ve parodied yourself better than I ever could.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the C’s bench will be the best in the league, or that veteran help wouldn’t be welcome. But your ill-informed assertions and criticisms are baseless and silly. Go sit in on some practices and watch some games. Then come back. I’m curious as to what you would have said about Deron Williams right before he broke out. I’m sure it would have been the same as your evaluation of the non big 3 Celts. And you would have been horribly wrong then, as you likely are now.

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